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Have you ordered a bunch of side dishes and not an entree?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19445points) July 7th, 2019

Like lots of plain rice or french fries and no burger? Or lots of garlic toast and/or carrots and no Pizza or chicken wings?

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Sure. All the time. When I was in college I had one bowl of mashed potatoes and gravy for lunch every day and that was all.

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Appetizers YES !
We used to go out; six of us would order one or two appetizers each and share. Some adult beverages may have been involved. One place the owner would come out after he closed the restaurant side and act as bar tender, first round was on him.

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Yes. Often times I will order from the appetizer menu because the portions are so damned huge its quite enough to satisfy me.

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Yes, but not just sides. For instance, one place I went to had an asparagus salad with fried egg and lardons as an appetizer. They also had an appetizer of bay scallop tacos, small scallops served on two small corn tortillas with a mango salsa. I ordered those two plates instead of an entree.

That’s usually only acceptable at restaurants with nice appetizers, not at restaurants with just starchy sides.

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Yes, the place where I frequently eat is called a “meat & 3” restaurant. They have burgers, fries, tons of fried food & their specialty is 4 or 5 different styles of meats & around 10 or occasionally 12 different veggies plus a couple of desserts. For a special price you choose which meat you want & can choose up to 3 veggies and/or desserts as the sides. Occasionally, they don’t have a meat that I like the way they cook it. On those days, I purchase 4 veggies in order to round out a decent meal. I could eat elsewhere; but, this place is only ¼ mile from my house & I can’t see driving further just to eat a more expensive, less healthy meal!!! My Mom always told me that it didn’t matter whether my mouth liked what I ate because 30 minutes later that my stomach wouldn’t know the difference…as long as it’s full, it doesn’t care if it’s Filet Mignon or ground beef.

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Absolutely. Paratha bread and fresh curry is my go-to, cold brew to finish.

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Yup. Some restaurants have a special price for 3 sides to make a meal. I think it’s their way of helping vegetarians without having many vegetarian entrees available.

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Yes, though probably not at a restaurant that focused on pizza or hamburgers. But there is a restaurant back home that has very expensive entrees but the world’s best avocado toast (considered an appetizer). So I’ve gone there just for that.

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I just want to kick myself when I partake of an appetizer because when I’m done I’m not hungry any more and I haven’t gotten the main course yet. >_<. It’s hard tho, because when we go eat I’m going to be STARVING. Hard to ignore chips and salsa.

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All the time. I generally don’t have a large appetite. It’s how I keep my lithe figure.

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Yes. You just described the premise of every Tapas restaurant.

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Yep. Sometimes I love to get french fries and chicken nuggets, no burgers.

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? ^^^^ Don’t you consider the chicken to be the main course?

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Very often. A vegan’s only option might be a collection of vegetables and starches.

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Yup. There’s this decent Japanese place with a good line-up of appetizers. Three of them would cost around 20 bucks already. Add sake and it’s around 30 bucks.

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The was about sides, but I guess appetizers count? I’m not the OP, so it isn’t for me to say, but sides are usually less likely to be considered a meal by a lot of people than an appetizer. A lot of appetizers easily become a meal if you add a side.

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At Tourway Inn in Florence, AL I used to get a side of grits and a side of turnip greens at the weekly minister’s meeting. People thought it was weird and quirky, but it was exactly what I wanted, and just enough.

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^ Excellent combo!!!

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We are at KFC. I ordered mashed potatoes and corn. That’s all

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Gravy on the side or on the potatoes?? @Dutchess_lll

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On the taters.

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I had a friend that would ask for gravy on the side and none on tater, that way he knew they were fresh made !

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Well I saw them add the gravy…

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I have ordered side dishes or appetizers and made a meal of them.

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Yes, I do it all the time. Often, the only vegetarian items on a menu are side dishes.

Also, my best friend and I like to try new things, so we will often order 4 or 5 side dishes, and split them.

Sometimes I want to taste a little bit of a bunch of different things, rather than eat a big portion of just one thing.

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