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If you had a really nice Starfleet dress uniform, either bought, tailored, or selfmade for Comic Con, could you wear it to court, without risk of being held in contempt thereof?

Asked by ragingloli (46429points) July 8th, 2019

What type would be the least problematic, TOS, TNG, or the latter part of DS9?

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Fascinating question.

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Probably not. Most, if not all, courts have an expected dress code for people appearing before a judge. No hot pants, no wife-beater shirts, and so on.

A costume like you’re suggesting is probably not on any sort of approved list.

Except in California. It might be OK there.

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I think it would depend on which state/country the court is located in. I suspect that in some european countries, you might be able to get away with it, but in China or Alabama, you’d probably be shot trying to enter the building.

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Depends on the judge, I would imagine. Your chances would be better with a TOS style uniform if the judge is an older white man, VOY style if the judge is a white woman, latter DS9 if the judge is black (man or woman), never ENT, DISCO if the judge is young and hip.
All that sounds glib and predictable, but representation is powerful.
Pray for a Trekker judge.

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You would not be held in contempt of court, but you would certainly open yourself to contemptible remarks!

If I were a judge, I would tell you, “you can’t be beamed out of this.”

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Anything that smacks of disrespect for the Court system would be dismissed.
If one is on trial for any offence and appears in such a manner as to cause attention to get sensationalism would be given harsher treatment and exposed as disrespectful for what the Justice system was built on.
I i remember correctly Michael Jackson appeared in his PJ’s and was called out for it and the next hearing he was more respectful.

See link:
Jackson dashes to court in pyjamas to save $3m bail – The Telegraph

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If the judge asks about it, explain. Or apologize for it right off and explain why you’re wearing it. If you’re wearing it to diss the court, don’t.

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It would be up to the judge. Some will be amused, some insulted.

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Do you have one for me to wear? I am going to Comic-con

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Only if you speak in Klingon.

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Doubtful. Although, if it was a version that isn’t too form fitting, and not a short skirt for the women, it might pass.

The other day I was watching some judge show, and I was shocked one of the defendants was allowed in the courtroom when I saw what she was wearing.

It’s usually at the discretion of the judge I think. If they find it disrespectful they might not allow you in the courtroom.

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@KNOWITALL would a person in a starfleet uniform be fluent in Klingon? Doubtful/.

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Not necessarily doubtful, @elbanditoroso, that much of a fan would likely be somewhat proficient in Klingon.

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@canidmajor You get me. Haha

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@KNOWITALL: Q’plah!!! ;-)

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You’re a Supreme Court justice, Brett! You wear anything you want!

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I’d give it a try if Scotty was on standby to beam me up out of there.

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