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When publishing an ebook, couldn't they show page rather than "loc"?

Asked by si3tech (6718points) July 8th, 2019

I do not care for the absence of page numbers in ebooks. Often choices seem to be “location, minutes left in chapter, hours left in book”. I prefer page numbers. That desn’t seem difficult.

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But page numbers aren’t static. Pages scale depending on your settings, so page 100 on your device will likely be page 175 on someone else’s.

Additionally, since many books (Amazon at least) offer Whispersync, the position is important for determining the audiobook timestamp, so there is a static index needed to keep these in sync.

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I have problems reading small print & always opt for a larger, bolder font so I can comfortably read my book. Using a different reader wouldn’t necessarily get me to exactly where I left off when using page numbers where using location takes me to exactly where I left off no matter the font being used. It has taken me a while to get used to not using page numbers; but, as long as my Kindle opens to where I left off, it doesn’t realy matter the page number. I do my best to stop reading at the end of a chapter so IF my Kindle screws up on opening, I can easily go back to that chapter. I don’t pay attention to time left because that is just an estimated time & I’m always getting interrupted while reading.

I’m thinking thst I’ve seen page numbers available but I don’t know what I changed to obtain tthem. You might want to look through your ereader settings to see if you can change yours!!!

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Depends on your reader. I use two – the Nook reader shows page numbers, and the Readera app for my phone shows page numbers as well.

I can’t speak about Apple or Amazon Kindle because I don’t have them.

My guess is that there is a setting somewhere that lets you turn them on.

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All of my ebooks show page numbers. The page, depending on the font size I choose, is anywhere from one to four screens.

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Also, apparently some ebooks have page numbers.

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I realize page numbers are not static. I use a larger font and so I may be on page 12 for instance, for several page turns. However, the page number gives me a more accurate reference to find my place if/when I lose it. About 60 % of my ebooks have page numbers. And the setting for those ebooks which do not have page numbers is: location, minutes left in chapter and hours left in book. Those ebooks do not have page number option. My ereader is s kindle.

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I too use a Kindle & I remember having page numbers at one time but then they disappeared. Don’t know what I did to have them or what was done to stop them. It didn’t bother me enough for me to figure out the why!!! Since you’ve asked, you’ve got me thinking about it again; so, I did a little bit of looking & found this info . Seems you have to have a Kindle 3 or later to have the option & even then it is up to the person publishing the book to give it to you. Since it references the “expense” to add page numbers several times, I’m assuming most publishers opt out of adding them in order to make more money. The link also tells how to know IF page numbers are available before you buy your book & it tels you how to turn on the option to see page numbers where available.

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@LadyMarissa Thank you so much! That will be very helpful.

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@si3tech You’re most welcome. My Kindle is in my car so I’ve not tried it yet to verify how accurate the info is; however, I will be trying this later today. Hope it works well for BOTH of us!!!

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I tried it and it works Yay!!!

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