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Function or application allowing me to connect or disconnect wifi?

Asked by jgsr1012 (4points) July 8th, 2019

I’ve been having a bit of difficulty turning the router on and off due to the location of it . I’ve had a few connectivity or troubleshooting issues with my PlayStation console and want a much more efficient means of turning the router on and off through maybe a phone application or something similar. Is this a possibility or would I have to compile a program myself? Thank you for your responses.

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Some routers – Belkins and older Ciscos, had an app that would allow you to remotely-control your router from your phone.

You didn’t say what kind of router you have, so it’s hard to guess.

You can buy wifi-based power plugs – instead of turning a light off or on, I can use an app on my tablet turn off the light in the living room. Or you can use Google Assistant or Google Home to command the power switch to turn off or on.

Bottom line – you can do this easily if you have a wifi-based power switch and an app. example

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