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What do you call a note you can produce but not sing in?

Asked by MaisyS (514points) July 9th, 2019

I have a vocal range of B2 to E5, but I can’t sing an E5. Okay that sounds silly. Let me clarify. I can produce an E5, just as an ah or ooh sound. I can produce it towards the end of the last word in a line, or as a singular instance in any word in a line. But I can’t sustain an E5 throughout the entire line or verse. So does this note count as part of my range? If so does it have a special name, or some such thing?

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A squawk.

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Err that would be more of a squeak at E5 haha. But no seriously would that note be part of my range though? Serious answers please, no more quips.

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Well, first off, Welcome to Fluther!

Now, on to the question. I think that if you can hit that note, it is great, but not sure I would claim it as part of my range. If I was going into a recording studio, I would make sure they new I could hit it, but not hold it. To me, when someone says they have a certain range, I picture them singing in that range. I can go falsetto and hit some interesting notes, but you certainly don’t want to hear me sing in those notes. I couldn’t do it for long and maintain the key.

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Or a screech. I am trying to be serious, really…

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@seawulf thanks for answering. And thanks for welcoming me. I’m glad to have some clarity on this :).
@kritiper Good Lord ur serious isn’t very serious is it ?

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“Cheep” would work…like a young chicken and maybe better than “peep”...
Sounds better than a screech…
Bark, yip, yelp, ...
Still thinking…

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I’ve decided to go with “yelp.” Hope this helps!

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Haha not really @kritiper. But thanks I guess.

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