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What are your current First World Problems?

Asked by jca2 (8994points) July 9th, 2019

What are your current First World Problems?

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On a flight home last Saturday, the plane had to wait 20 minutes after landing for a gate to open. And then it took half an hour for bags to show up at baggage claim.

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The rapid rate at which our landfills are being used up.

My personal problem? My fear of a painful prolonged death.

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^Thats the reason I horde sleeping pills.
I can’t get a contractor to replace my roof after hail damage.

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I’m nervous that my batch of homebrewed witbier may be contaminated because the specific gravity is lower than my target final gravity, but I won’t know until fermentation is complete.

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My neighbor has his boat trailer (I am not quite sure exactly what it’s called) in my yard. I spoke to him about moving it but he has not, yet. There is no fence, and I’m hoping he knows where the border is between my yard and his yard. I hope he moves it so that I don’t have to discuss it with him again. I don’t want a war, I just want him to move it.

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My portemonnaie has a hole and I am constantly losing coins.

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The heart rate monitor on my fitness tracker died and I won’t have a replacement in time for a cycling trip this weekend.

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@jca2 Is it just the wheels that are on your property?? Wait until he’s gone, then place a section of stiff plywood under the axle, place a rolling floor jack under the axle parallel to the axle, carefully balancing the boat/trailer, jack it up and roll it over with the jack on the plywood. You can always tweak the hitch end manually.
@chyna Sleeping pills may not get the job done. (Or were you joking??) Find a more sure-fire concoction. (If you’re serious.)

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I’m having difficultly finding someone to repair our water feature / fountain in the backyard, tried three different landscaping contractors (all used to do them but stopped in the last 10 years). Think I found one.

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Adults who feel they are entitled to bully anyone who doesn’t think exactly like they do!!! Children I can forgive…adults should know better!!!

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A dysfunctional government that is spending money like drunken sailors. No offense meant to any drunken sailors in the crowd.

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I can’t decide on what new computer case to get. Too many options can be a bad thing. And what’s worse the motherboard I want might take until the end of the month to be delivered. :(

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I hope you are planning to build a Ryzen 3000 based system.

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Well actually I’m just upgrading my Ryzen 2000 system :) Those X570 motherboards are so expensive…

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You can just plop a new processor on your old board, after a bios update.

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My PC takes longer to start up than it should.

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Have to eat freezer food (mixed veggies, shredded hashbrowns with shredded cheese, ect.. ) to save money by not ordering KFC

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I don’t have garage space for all of my cars.

I had a hard time deciding which day to go to Universal to use my $20 coupon.

I keep looking at last minute cruises for a few days, and I haven’t signed on for one, because I already live in palm, trees, sun, and fun, and I’ve been to many of the short cruise ports already.

I don’t like the placement of my kitchen island.

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My internet modem disconnects spontaneously about once per day. I have to get up, walk over to the unit, unplug it, wait 5 seconds and plug it in again. ~ Life is so tough.

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Fear of losing all I’m having. It’s strange how you used to worry about not having something, and now worry about losing them when you finally have them. From time to time I see horrible visions of my parents dying, my friends breaking apart, me getting kicked out of my job… I can have fear that stems from having so much fun I’m afraid it will disappear.

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