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Better than Jeff Epstein’s.

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I rise early to meditate. I opened the back door for air, and soon a cane spider joined me in the living room. They are harmless, but scary due to size. I’ll leave him alone.

I have to reprimand my subordinate at work, and I was stressed out thinking about that. She’s out sick today, so the stress is hanging around. I expect the whole thing to turn out well.

Lots of other stress at work due to having to prepare for 2 trainings that I have to run.

Recently went back to contacts from glasses, and I couldn’t see my computer at work, not good. Called the eye doctor, and he told me to get readers at half the strength I use to read books. Rushed out to the drug store, and bought a pair. Problem solved.

I have to read a lot of articles about mental health for work. I was reading about faulty attachment styles, and remembering my ex. I could see him plainly in much of what I read. I wanted to help, but he wouldn’t ask for it. It makes me really sad.

I’m busy, stressed, and sad.

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It was raining heavily as we walked along the esplanade to catch our train and we weren’t properly dressed for it so we got pretty wet. On the way we passed a dozen black guillemots that always appear at the same place every morning. They didn’t mind the rain and the storms and they are such delightful birds that we stopped to watch them for a few minutes. By the time we got to the station my trousers were so wet I had to buy another pair. It may sound like a crap day, but it wasn’t. It was lovely.

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The day was good. Thanks for asking! One dim point…we lost power due to a big storm and when the power came back the chlorinator on my pool was shot. But I managed to use the bathroom without assistance so all-in-all it was a good day.

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Just finishing up my schedule for Comic-Con next week so great.

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Really good. I got a new job with excellent benefits and I spent some time at the beach. Now I’m going to celebrate with a few drinks.


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Not bad. Only two jobs today and it isn’t supposed to get very warm.

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I’ve been in a bad mood since like 2010. LOL

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^^^ shoot.

I’m in a unique position of playing hostess at Rick’s dad’s house. He died last week. Rick and I have temporarily moved in. Family comes to visit and I’m in a position of “authority” in the family that I’ve never been in in the 17 years we’ve been together.

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@Hawaii_Jake You know what is amazing – You are a problem solver. You got this! Don’t be sad! Keep pushing forward!

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@Caravanfan Enjoy Comic Con!

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@Stache Congratulations on your new job!

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@seawulf575 Glad your power is back!

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@flutherother Wonderful! I had to Google “guillemots.” I didn’t know what they were!

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@kritiper Keep pushing forward!

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@AshLeigh There is much to be in a good mood about! Like, you are breathing and you have a new day ahead of you!

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@Dutchess_lll Condolences to you and your family! You are stronger than you know!

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Man. That was a sneak storm. I was sitting out side, drinking coffee, looking at the land, unde r a clear blue sky…AND WHAT IS THAT THUNDERING SOUND??? Then I looked behind me. 20 minutes later ALL hell broke loose. I stuck close to the basement.

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My day is GREAT & getting better…thanks for asking!!!

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I’m attending a three-day IRS forum. Do I really need to elaborate?

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Thoughts and prayers @Love_my_doggie!

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@Love_my_doggie If it will help…passing on a HUGE bear hug!!!
I think I would rather be at the dentist or I would have gone to the ER with pains so bad I had to be held overnight for observation!!! ;)

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@Love_my_doggie Coffee, tea, water… Stay hydrated!

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Well. My sister in law is setting up for a garage sale at Dad’s she is having tomorrow and Saturday. I was helping her but 2 minutes later I owed her $12 so I had to quit.

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@Dutchess_lll You owed your sister $12 after 2 minutes?

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Getting ready to present my thesis proposal next week.

And just saw a drawing competition that I may be able to join, with the deadline at the same date as the thesis.

Wish me luck.

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@Mimishu1995 You got this! Go and be great on purpose!

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Yes, @ltoban. In the end I owed her $30. Why the question mark?

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@Dutchess_lll Following your story. That’s all.

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Well. Story is over. I am the proud owner of 2 stuffed troll dolls, 4 small bread pans, roller skates, a GIANT stuffed Godzilla, a quilt, some Solo cups, a straw hat and some other stuff.

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Sounds like good stuff.

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It is. Now if only I had the recipients of all that crap here I’d be a happy camper. I haven’t seen them in 3 WEEKS!! I’m dying here.

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