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Can I turn off my empty mini freezer?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16379points) July 9th, 2019

I just tossed the expired food and moved the still good stuff to the main freezer and the mini freezer is empty. Should I do anything like turn it down or off? I can call the customer service tomorrow if none from Fluther answers.

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Is the mini-freezer a stand-alone unit, or is it attached to something else? If it’s a stand-alone unit, unplug it.

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I just called my maintenance manager for my building and he said its fine empty. I will call customer service tomorrow morning. I don’t want the frost to leak into my floor. Thanks for the answer.

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@Hawaii_Jake Is a stand alone unit. I might just buy more groceries and make the problem moot.

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If you turn it off, remember to keep the door open a bit to allow moisture to evaporate. Otherwise it will get stinky after a few weeks.

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Leave door propped open and a open box of baking soda in the bottom,

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Yes! Keep the door open a little. Mold will grow, otherwise.

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I agree with @Tropical_Willie Leave the door open and an open box of baking soda to deodorize.

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Since it is already empty there will never be a better time to defrost and clean it. That will save you money and make the motor and components last longer.

Be prepared with something to catch any melting ice from the freezer.

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I just called customer service. They said its fine to unplug. Is unplugged now. Thanks everyone.

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