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How long before people start going to the hospital?

Asked by LadyMarissa (10363points) July 10th, 2019

Kendall Jenner accepting the #BottleCapChallenge

We have seen many Youtube challenges come & go most of which turned out badly. In watching this video, I don’t immediately see the dangers of this challenge…just can’t help but wondering what are the hidden dangers???

Oh yes, humor welcomed!!!

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I’m going to the hospital in 52 minutes for some nerve conduction studies. I’ll read the details of the question when I get back.

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Hope they can help you with your problem!!!

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We’ll start to see some FAIL videos soon, where people attempt the “challenge” and fall over backwards. And then we will find out they ended up in the ER with a concussion or worse.

It’ll end up being like selfies in dangerous places, people dying of stupidity.

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I’m also wondering how many of those shown manipulated the videos???

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I wonder how long before someone tries to do it with his sphincter, then slips.

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Lordy! I think she was lucky to have not gotten her toe stuck inside the bottle!
I am glad for her she did not encounter a hungry shark whilst extending a leg over the water.
It seems the bottle cap is supposed to be at least partly twisted on, so the kick must cause the cap to spin off.
Kendall obviously did not achieve that. However, the challenge seems to have evolved to include the most humorous, and best faked attempts.
I am waiting for a Tom Cruise, Top Gun attempt, you know, a flyby.

If anybody here is famous, and/or has contacts to celebs, I have a wishlist of suggestions.

* Shaq do over, but use a basketball instead of a toe.

* Jimmy Fallon wearing ballerina toe shoes.

* Emma Stone wearing monster feet slippers.

* Vladimir Putin from horseback.

* Anybody best out of ten from car window minimum speed 20 mph.

* backyard competition between members of a group after three shots of Jack Black, and even better if Jack Black is a member of that group.

I have more, oh so many more.

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I’ll admit that Mariah Carey has some pipes on her; however, I seriously doubt that her high note is that efficient or effective!!!

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I’m sure someone will find a danger to any challenge.

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