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Do you give your dog medicine for congestive heart failure every day?

Asked by Harper1234 (803points) July 10th, 2019

Just found out my 14 yr old schnauzer has congestive heart failure and has to have 2 pills 2 times a day. Vet couldn’t tell me how much time that would give her. Just started dose and will know in 2 weeks if it will help her. If not I will need to have her put down which scares me and breaks my heart. I have never given any dog medicine.

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My old gal gets cosequin, when she’ll take it, but it’s a supplement, not to keep her alive or anything. I have given my old dog with cancer pain pills before he passed, but that’s about it.

I’m really sorry you’re having to deal with it, and of course for your dog, too. So sad they have such short life spans but the sweetest hearts. :(

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There are some variables with CHF. A lot of it now, can be managed by medication. Make sure you give it as directed. Hopefully, it will work as intended. Some meds are diuretics, so expect increased water intake, and therefore more urine output.

Let me know if you have problems administering the pills.

Good luck.

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Never had a dog with CHF but giving any dog pills can be traumatic. Wrap the pill in cheese or maybe stick into a piece of hot dog, or wrap it in ground beef. Works wonderfully with some dogs…others will figure out how to eat the treat & then spit out the pill. Won’t know which way it will go until you try. Hope things gets better!!!

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My best friend’s dog was diagnosed with the exact same thing today, tho she is only 8. For now they are trying a diuretic. My husband also has CHF. As far as I know it can never be cured without a heart transplant, but it often can be managed. Diuretics and pills that strengthen the heart (such as Digoxin) are often prescribed. Feel free to private message me if I can be of any help. My pets have always loved the pills put into liverwurst.
I am so very sorry you are both going through this. It’s beyond difficult

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This little girl has a special meaning as she was my daddy’s puppy he had gotten to help him get over my mom’s death when he suddenly died and of course I took her and she is kind of an attachment to my dad I miss so much. I guess one day soon he will get her back in heaven.

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@Harper1234 That certainly is a very special dog. How is she doing today? Is she taking the pills okay?

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@Harper1234 . I just lost my 15 year old dog. She helped me through a LOT of things… It’s been about 6 months, and I still cry over her, every few days. Mortality sucks. I hope the meds work, and you get to keep your baby for a bit longer. If the meds work, the dog won’t know the difference. I wouldn’t recommend fatty foods, to give the meds, but there are tricks. Pill Pockets work pretty well. If those don’t interest the dog, give the pills in a small amount of food, and if it’ll have to eat,them if it’s hungry. Then you can give the rest of the meal…

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My S-I-L has 3 yorkies that she has to give meds. She boils up a whole chicken, shreds it, & then makes little chicken balls so she can put the pills inside the chicken balls. Her dogs love to take their meds. Worth a shot.

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