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What is your biggest worry, stress, for today?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (18538points) July 10th, 2019

What are you stressing about right now?

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Nothing, I have what some might call a blissful, enchanted existence.
I prefer to call it earned leisure.

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Not entitled leisure?

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My daughter’s house is under a major remodel.

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I worry if I don’t run for office again, my city will suffer. Not to toot my horn, but some of the others have made some very poor choices, and I still have to live there.

If I do run again, I have to find a way to find more patience for people who choose to stay uneducated about issues while loudly protesting every move/ vote we make. For someone with little patience, it’s a conundrum.

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Cleaning a Jennair that hasn’t been cleaned in 20 years. Utterly gross.

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Crapping myself on the way to the grocery store. I made it home.

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I stopped stressing when David Lee Roth so eloquently suggested “Don’t sweat the petty stuff & don’t pet the sweaty stuff” Since then, I have had NO worries…just laugh a LOT!!!

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Having to present my thesis proposal next week.

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I’m stressing about stressing too much about stressing. I need a vacation. A long one. Lol

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I have a few: my boss, a politician, is going to be up for re-election in two years and I’m not sure how that’s going to pan out.

My neighbor has left his boat trailer on my side of the yard. I’m going to get a surveyor to do the property lines to figure out exactly what my next step will be.

My bedroom has become overrun with my huge clothing collection. It’s going to be a job to get rid of the majority of it.

I made dinner plans tonight with a former coworker and I’d be very happy if she cancels for some reason. I’d rather come home after work but I’m not one to cancel unless it’s absolutely necessary.

So four different problems, each of varying degrees of big-ness.

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A little stressed about driving 176 miles with a 31 foot long canoe on top of my Ford F-150 today. Racing at the Columbia River Gorge on Saturday. Fun stuff.

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@jca2 Why would your boss re-upping be of any concern whatsoever to an employee?

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Probably @KNOWITALL a new boss may not keep the same staff, would be my guess.

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@SQUEEKY2 Maybe….they must be making bank to leave their own business.

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I work for the government. If she doesn’t get re-elected, I’d go back to my previous position.

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I totaled my son’s car today, so I’m all stressed out about that. No one was hurt. It appears I was hit from behind and shoved into a pick up truck. I say appears, because I didn’t even know I had been hit from behind until hours later. The car that hit me didn’t stop. I thought I somehow hit the truck myself, even though we were stopped at a red light
Me and my two grandsons have seat belt bruises.

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OMG @YARNLADY glad you and your Grandsons are ok.

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Running low on money and having to eat pantry and freezer food. Until payday on the 26th.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Be thankful that you even have pantry & freezer foods as many were caught without either. It might not be what you prefer to eat, but at least you will still have something to keep you from starving!!!

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Nobody in this country or in Canada stands any chance of starving because of this @LadyMarissa.

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