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Have you ever risked going to the bathroom while on hold with customer service ?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16768points) July 10th, 2019

Humor welcome.

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Yep. If the situation is really critical I pee in an appropriately size cup.

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Cordless phone.

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Men can pee in the sink with the water running.

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Pooping is trickier—it requires an empty Chocolate Ice Cream bucket.

Okay, I know, that’s gross. Apologies.

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I have a phone installed in my bathroom just for such situations!!! Oh yes, I repaired a laptop while sitting on my throne!!!

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If I had a corded phone, no. I would just hang up and call again if it was THAT bad.

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I’m on my cellphone. Perfect time to go take a dump. Just mute for noisy bathroom events.

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Not today. It is tempting…
The cord on my wall phone is very long and the phone is mounted in the center of the house so it can go wherever I go.

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Yes. Cordless phone. Bring the account information with ya.

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I don’t recall ever being in that situation. If I were, I would go to the bathroom and then continue to hold if the hold music was still playing. If there was no music or if I got a dial tone, I would call again.

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That’s why the mute button was added!!! LoL

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