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Can / should a Disney live-action remake of Snow White be played by an African American?

Asked by Yellowdog (10523points) July 10th, 2019

Okay, I’m just wondering how far this line of thinking goes, that race doesn’t matter in casting roles.

I agree that MANY roles don’t matter and you’ve given me a lot to reconsider. But how about a character such as Snow White? Where her mother made a wish for a daughter with skin as white as snow, black hair, and red lips?

Could there be a “black” Snow White?

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They already did that, when they cast Zazie Beetz to play Domino in Deadpool 2.

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They might need to change a few lines; but I see NO reason there shouldn’t!!!

BTW, how did your visit at the hospital go today???

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Lost my iPhone—or it was stolen.

Other than that, much more painless than the previous Nerve Conduction test

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{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ @Yellowdog }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

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Tbh it does seem a bit far fetched unless they also change the title.

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No. It would make the line “Skin as white as snow, hair, black as ebony and lips as red as the red, red rose” out of intended context.

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So, are we taking Disney to task for over dramatizing race issues, or is it all movies and television shows?

I can name a few movies where casting needs to be gender or race specific.

Little Big Man (a fave of mine)
Coming To America
The Right Stuff
Dances With Wolves
Blazing Saddles (That depends, are we, black? LOL )

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All you need to do, is give her white hair, and red eyes, and then change the catchphrase.
Trivial, really.

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Disney has a good record for racial sensitivity.
When they created a stage show for the movie Frozen, the did a blind audition, and hired a black girl for the role of Elsa.
They also show sensitivity towards the ethnicity of cultural tales.
Mermaids are creatures of fantasy (and quite cruel to sailors). Why can’t they be multiracial?
As for Snow White, her name refers to her complexion.

I remember a Fairy Tale Theatre version of Snow White which included a black dwarf.

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Sure, why not?

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I remember white dwarves and a red giant. And a black hole.

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I remember Kaiser Wilhelm.

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