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What does dark mean in this saying?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16415points) July 10th, 2019

From the 80’s phrase that some women prefer men to be “Tall, dark and handsome?”
What do they mean by dark?

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Brown or black hair and brown eyes

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What @janbb said.

From what I recall, studies were done and men who were blonde were seen as childlike and too innocent and therefore not good protectors. Blond hair and light eyes are traits of children.

Kinda like the boxer/briefs preference. Briefs, especially “tighty wighties” were not very mature or sexy.

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The saying goes quite a lot further back than the 80’s. In earlier times I would say they meant dark eyes and hair.
Come the 80s I am thinking it sometimes also meant skin color.

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A well tanned man with dark hair & brown eyes equaled a perceived notion that he was a hard working man who was willing to provide well for his family!!! In the 30’s & 40’s it usually referenced a farmer or one of his farm hands. In the 70’s & 80’s it was more of a reference to construction workers. Men willing to ear a living under the hot sun was considered a treasure!!!

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Mysterious, exotic.

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I always thought it meant dark hair and eyes, myself.

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I thought it was a dark personality. Like a bad boy.

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Think George Hamilton or Cary Grant, both with an air of wealthy leisure that allowed them to have a deep tan.

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I always thought that it meant Mediterranean or men from the tropics
Something foreign to the norm?

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^^^^Like Omar Sharif?

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Dark complected, brooding and mysterious. Maybe a little dangerous.

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