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Best inexpensive cell phone that gets excellent reception?

Asked by delirium (13718points) August 26th, 2008

My boyfriend’s current dorm at his school doesn’t get reception on his crappy old cell phone. I’m really tired of not being able to talk to him. I’m buying him a new phone.
Plan can not change. We have AT&T. I would really prefer to spend as little money as possible. Ideally under 100. The phone doesn’t have to have ANY other functions apart from being able to make calls and text message. I care about nothing else.

I really miss being able to talk to him. If there were a more simple solution, I wouldn’t be asking this.

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In my experience good reception depends on the carrier and not the phone. I had Verizon phones in all different price ranges and never had a problem. Since I got my iPhone and had to switch to AT&T, it’s hit or miss. I lose a ton of calls now…I miss Verizon…

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Until you buy him that phone, you should consider using Skype (as long you both have a computer and internet access). I use it to talk to people in Southeast Asia, and the reception is still great.

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His school can’t support skype.

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well, i know my brother uses a low end nokia, and so does a friend of mine, both phones are really geared towards simplicity, i’ll try to get you some model numbers

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Thanks iwa. I really appreciate that.

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If you can iChat (or some internet webchat). And for a phone I have AT&T and have the Sony Ericsson slider and have had no prblems. Maybe $50 and is on AT&T.

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You can always use this thing I found iCall does he school at least support that???

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Or ooVoo is another web or video chat you could use. But for calling maybe iCall like aboe

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