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What is the best way to fix the hair of photogrammetrically scanned people?

Asked by ragingloli (46438points) July 11th, 2019

Short hair is OK, but long hair always looks like dough.

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Are you asking for an existing tool? or are you trying to write code to do this?

If it’s the latter, my approach would be to try to find the “center of mass” of where the skull is, and then use an algorithm that generates hairs as particles with configurable randomness and extend them outward towards the boundary established by your “dough ball” and allow them to extend beyond that perimeter by some configurable distances. I might then try to model gravity in a crude way by shifting the directions of the ends of the hair downward. Then I’d play with your sliders until you got the appropriate values in there.

Part of me thinks this approach might result in people with the “finger in light-socket” look, but this really isn’t my area of expertise.

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