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Ways to overcome this?

Asked by Marwa (24points) 2 months ago

I procrastinate a lot especially before a test.
If i am given 5 days to prepare for a test i will start preparing for it on the last day and this is because i have fear that i will forget everything in the exam if i will prepare 5 days before the test so i end up preparing on the last day.

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Start studying now. Your fears of forgetfulness are unfounded.
Study for a couple of hours before you go to bed. You’ll remember more that way.

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A good trick is to only sign up for classes that you enjoy and like to learn more about .

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Procrastinating produces stress so how can you do your best if you are stressed? Time management is the key. Take time out of each day to study and take notes. Your human so you can’t be expected to remember everything but you can remember some things but even if you study alot it’s not best to take the test under stress. The test itself is stressful enough so why make it anymore stressful than it already is.

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