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If you could afford to retire right now would you?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (20613points) July 13th, 2019

And if not, why not?
Miss the work?
Miss the people?
Be bored?

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I would without doubt shut it down right now if I could afford to.

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Yes! I basically am retired, I live in a retirement community, but I still work part time. My husband has been the bread winner for the last 15 years, and right now he is looking for a job, and I wish he could just retire. He feels like he still wants to work, but the main reason is for the money, and especially money for healthcare and hobbies, but secondary to that is to feel useful and appreciated again.

I would happily work more hours if it was something I love to do and I had control over my hours, but I have never found something like that.

Most people around me don’t work anymore and are thrilled not to work anymore. They have fun every day, some of them volunteer here and there, they are very grateful to have the financial ability to be retired.

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No. I would get bored having no work to do at this age. My dad retired when he was in his late 40s (when I was in high school). It seems a little early to me. I actually like to work. I imagine I’ll want to do it, especially if it’s something cushy like academic work, for decades to come.

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Could and did.

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I would love to leave my job and retire. This would enable me to get another job that I really like, maybe part time. It would also give me more time to do things like hobbies and travel. I would also like to volunteer for a local historical society or museum.

I’m too young to retire and sit around doing nothing, so another job, maybe part time, combined with volunteering and leisure activities would be divine.

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Retiring is kind of like having children…IF you wait until you ca afford it, you’ll never achieve it!!! You’d be surprised how much mone that you can save by not going to work. You can save a fortune by not eating out every day. I saved a fortune in not buying stockings. Nice slacks with a sports coat is cheaper than an expensive suit that needs to be dry cleaned freaquently. Sports shoes are not only more comfortable but also cheaper than those fancy dress shoes that you need for that fancy suit that needed to be dry cleaned. You’d be surprised how often jeans & a decent looking pull over is all that is required to do what you need to do!!!

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Yes. I’ve been doing the biz for 26 years and I can’t wait to call it quits.

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I’d migrate out of my non-game work for clients, but I’d still work on games, because that’s my main creative work, which I want to do (even moreso when not being paid and free to do what I am most interested in).

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Yes, I would. I know I could fill my days well if I had the money to cover bills.

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No, I get bored easily after about three days of vacation. My mind requires stimulation.

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The biggest problem I had after retiring was most of my friends took it among themselves to decide that I had nothing to do & they had plenty that needed to be done & they didn’t mind expecting me to do it for them!!! At first, I didn’t mind helping; but it got to the place that I was being almost abused. So, I had to start setting boundaries as to how far I was willing to go & teach them when they were crossing into dangerous territory. Once I established my boundaries, everybody calmed down & began to ask when they needed help instead of assuming that I’d just do it.

Another thing that I did after I reached the boredom phase was to volunteer my time with agencies that I could believe in. i go in a lot of days; however, on days that I’m just not up to it, I’m not obligated to be there. It’s like having a job with a very liberal vacation policy & very little pay!!!

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Absolutely. I’m not one of those people that defines myself by the work I do, nor have I ever had a job I loved. Employment is just a means to and end; it allows me to live the life I want to.

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