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Do any online stores sell steak?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16097points) July 13th, 2019

Do you get to see it before its sold?

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Yes but it is way over priced and only average in quality and taste.

They may want to sign you up to 20 to 50 pounds of meat a month at twice or three times the normal price.

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Sure, but it’s an “as seen on TV!” thing. If the steaks are good, why do they have to advertise?

I would call local butchers or grocers and ask about delivery. Better food. Better community.

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Omaha Steaks have been mail order and internet order for decades. And if there is a Whole Foods near you, one can order steaks delivered from them.

But no, you don’t get to see the actual pieces before ordering. And it is overpriced.

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I knew about Omaha steaks, but after doing a search, there is also The Chicago Steak Company, Allen Brothers, Kansas City Steaks, Texas Steak Warehouse and probably more. I didn’t see any that let you “see” the actual steak you are going to get…just their pictures. And all seem pricey. Okay for the occasional splurge gift to your Father-in-law, but not for every day eating.

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There’s also more general frozen meat delivery, like Butcher Box.

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