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Now that they caught the Chicago alligator, can we ask that it be sent to the White House?

Asked by elbanditoroso (26745points) 3 months ago


Would it feel at home in the political swamp?

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It’s just a baby only about 4 foot long. What I found interesting was the young lady who complained that the authorities closed the park while looking for it. She found that ridiculous. Wonder what she wouild have said had it grabbed her by the ankle & drug her into the lagoon???

Even this critter wouldn’t be able to stand the stench in the white house swamp!!! I’m 750 miles away & it’s all I can do to not hurl when the wind’s blowing in my direction!!!

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I don’t think the pool exists anymore…

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Awww, I was rooting for the gater.

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I mean, you can ask but will be told your request is a croc of shit.

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^ Good one, but it was an alligator not a croc!!!

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@Patty_Melt see link in my original question

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Just saw the movie Crawl on theaters now. Don’t underestimate these chompers! :)

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Maybe somebody should jam a hook in HIS tail.

I am livid. Poor little guy.

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@pointy person Yeah, I bet you’re a riot at parties eh?

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