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If I am the owner of a trade school, can I defer my salary?

Asked by gentleman2222 (29points) 1 month ago

I would like to ask someone who has a strong background in accounting:

I am starting a trade school in the U.S. (organized as an LLC) to train people to become venture capitalists and would like to know to following:

1) Can I get deferred compensation for myself – so that I can plow my salary back into the trade school?

2) Can I not get a salary – but instead, place my salary into an account where I can invest in startups if I want to?

I look forward to your answers!

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You should get yourself an accountant.
Try SCORE they are all volunteers and many are retired executives of large companies.

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Sent this to the one CPA that I know of on this site. Maybe she’ll weigh in.

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The answer is amazingly simple.

As a member of an LLC, you cannot be a salaried employee. There can be no salary for you to plow back or place into an account.

If you’re the business’s sole owner, the LLC is a disregarded entity; all of your business’s items of income and expense are passed-through to you. If there are other members, the LLC is a partnership that divvies its income and expenses according to the ownership agreement. In either situation, you’re not an employee.

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