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In this case, yeah, just calling it brain freeze.
Or do you mean something else?

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@rebbel But I mean the medical term.

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No there isn’t a plan.

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Yes, they call the plan mnemonics.

Sphenopalatine ganglion neuralgia, visualise SPGN and SickPainGoingNoggin.

And they call the wind Mariah.

The sphenopalatine ganglion—also known as pteryopalatine ganglion, Meckel’s ganglion, Sluter’s ganglion and nasal ganglion—is the largest of the four parasympathetic ganglia associated with the trigeminal nerve and consists of the largest collection of neurons in the head outside of the brain and is the only ganglion exposed to the environment via the nasal mucosa.

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@Pinguidchance Too lazy. I’m exhausted just looking or hearing the term. Thanks
Spheno= Wedge, wedge-shaped; the sphenoid bone. l lost where I got it from.
It’s not a medical term palatine = having royal privileges: a count palatine.
of or relating to a count palatine, earl palatine, or county palatine.

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