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At what age did you move out?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6762points) August 26th, 2008
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18, as fast as I could.

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When I went off to college as a freshman, I was essentially gone. My brother got my bedroom, I spent summers working and then – like most of the women of my era – got married. My kids and step-kids checked in during their college years but as visitors and not residents.

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17. Hey, that was 18 years ago..,wow.

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lets see, I’m 28ish so….can i answer this one later?….later later

edit: I live in Southern CA and even if I get a second job I will be barely surviving. Sad really, but as soon as I finish paying off my loans I am outta here. hopefully living in small town USA and actually ENJOYING life instead of being a slave…

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I was 16 years old my parents were divorced and both wanted their independence. I got a job working nights and weekends. Rented an apartment and the saga of life began. Twenty four years later I am still going strong.

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16 years old.

It was tough, but one of the smartest things I’ve ever done.

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@gooch and Spargett: You are both tough cookies!

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Which time? ;-)

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Windex still lives with his parents! points finger lalallalala

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I wouldn’t put it like That , I’d say more like windex is supporting his parents, he must be a swell guy and give me a free house

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18 (or 17)

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August 27, 2008, 1:50 AM EDT

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I walked out with a garbage bag full of clothes and a radio when I was 15. I walked to the bus station and caught the greyhound to Oregon. It was miserable, San Bernardino to Oregon on the bus with no money for food. But I lived and it was the best thing I ever did.

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16. Then 17. Then 18. Then 22. And then 29. Looong story…

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i refuse to move out

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I think it’s acceptable to not move out if your parents are okay with it and you do chores around the house and help them out. Clean the house, do some yard work – you know keep the house nice.

Of course for little if no pay since you’re a grown adult and have a nice place to sleep at night. That’s just what I think though.

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Hhhmmm. College doesn’t count if you come back between years or right after, IMO. I, therefore left at 21, back again at 22, left again at 23, back at 25 for six months (with a husband), left for five years….but then, back at 30 for TWO YEARS (only this time with a husband AND an baby) and now I’ve been out for eight years….BUT… they keep asking why we can’t buy a house and all live together… Go Figure.

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Initially at 16, eventually and finally at 18

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