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What do you believe are aspects of physical, mental, intellectual shortcomings should exclude a potential candidate for being elected president of the US?

Asked by Patty_Melt (13213points) 1 month ago

Marital status?
Be as specific as you want.

This question is partner to my other current question. I have the same restrictions here.

I would add this one other as stipulations, but not make it a requirement.
Please try to refrain from commenting on other replies until it appears most have had an opportunity to compile their lists without suggestions being already present.
My ideal time frame would be four days’ wait before ripping new ones.

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None. All is good if they win the election legitimately.

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If the electorate is stupid enough to appoint an apparent moron, and it results in the destruction of the country, then that is what they deserve.
Same with those almost-weekly mass shootings.
You chose that.

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I guess there are cut-offs for all the mental and intellectual shortcomings. I wouldn’t want someone with anthropophobia or that was a diagnosed sociopath being my leader, nor would I want someone so mentally challenged that they cannot survive on their own without assistance. Physical limitations are easier, though I have seen some that would make it impossible to be a leader on that scale. Someone with locked-in-body syndrome would have to be excluded.

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Megalomania, that’s all.

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I seek a serious and intelligent political conversation here, without name calling or emotional outbursts.

I remind all that anyone incapable of following the guidelines will be flagged.

Keep it simple and leave the satire to the many threads in social where those comments are welcomed.

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There is currently a mechanism for removing from office a president who is mentally unfit for the job.

My personal list of disqualifications for president would include:
1. Inflated view of presidential power
2, Ignoring scientific findings
3. Consistently speaking at an elementary school level
4. Showing an indifference to the truth
5. Excessive criticism of the press
6..Being too friendly with autocratic rulers while creating friction with allies

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I think that a candidate for president or VP should have to pass the same test that a potential citizen has to pass to become a US citizen.

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No celebrities or lawyers. They should also at least be able to get a Q clearance.

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Believe it or not, I’m with@RedDeer & @ragingloli on this one.

Amazing that people from other countries have the only appropriate answer for a representative democracy. smh

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See, it’s all very noble & righteous to say “none” but it just doesn’t work that way & neither should it.
Bagging the presidential gig is pretty hefty stuff, having enormous responsibility brings massive pressure & so someone who is stubborn, belligerent & not able to work as part of a well oiled team is enough to rule you out of the running for me.

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Let’s put this as simply as can be arranged. If your kid is going to a school with the portrait of the same man hanging in every classroom, you might expect such a man worthy of your child’s emulation. Your child might actually pay attention to the words and behavior of such a man, and one day confront you on the suitability of such an individual as the role model for the rest of us.

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@stanleybmanly Using the idea of what a kid sees or doesn’t see in school is a really bad comparison. For example, I would expect a POTUS to be able to recite the pledge of allegiance to show a caring for the country. But that is no longer allowed to be sanctioned by schools.

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So what a kid sees and hears outside the classroom is irrelevant to the portrait hanging in the room above the flag you want him to salute?

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And wouldn’t you actually prefer an individual who understood the words he blindly recites in preference to an ability to parrot them in rote? What happens when the pledge becomes the substitute for thinking about those words? Is the pledge the truth?

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@stanleybmanly My point is that you said what a kid sees in the classroom ought to be someone he should want to emulate. You are the one that started the idea that what goes on in the classroom is important. My take is that we have warped our classrooms to take pride-in-nation out of them. If a person doesn’t have pride in our nation, what sort of POTUS would they be? So what are kids seeing in the classroom that they would want in a POTUS?

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I want only the personal list of each of us. I don’t want parables, comparisons or historical references. I want you to call up from your own gut what you feel. What legal documents say is not important to this question.
Please just post a list.

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@seawulf575 they see that picture of the man or woman they watch and listen to on the nightly news. And you’d best believe they ask their teachers and parents about what they see and hear from that individual. Now some of those people in portraits appear on those broadcasts more frequently than others. Some of those individuals say things on those broadcasts that if you caught your kid repeating you might be justifiably upset. When the man in that portrait hanging in your 3rd grade classroom demonstrates that he knows less than you do about his country or the world, how should you take it?

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Look at the pot calling the kettle illiterate.
@stanley, so far you have posted multiple times with complete disregard for the OP.
If you don’t like this thread, compose your own question.

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The thread is fine. It is not my fault if the OP does not understand that I AM ADDRESSING THE QUALIFICATIONS of the individual whose portrait hangs in MY kid’s classroom. Should illiteracy or a notorious potty mouth be a disqualifying characteristic? And exactly WHICH kettle have you in mind?

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I don’t care about your rant.
Are you totally incapable of making a list?
I have seen enough rants to choke on. The purpose of this question is for me to learn how just what composes a good or reject leader. I have seen plenty of hate the current administration. I posted these two questions to understand specifically what each of us finds desirable or undesirable.
You have not done that. You keep going on about classrooms and that is totally off topic. I have flagged your every post.
This question is future oriented.

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Ms. Melt, while you are proposing lists, try to come up with one with anything more “future oriented” than a classroom. If you can convince the mods to eliminate my answers as off topic, I will accept the hit. My only point is that I would prefer a list of characteristics I can defend before MY kids, and so should you. There is not a single reference in any of my answers concerning the current administration. Any conclusions to that effect must be drawn from assumptions on your part. My answers are simply that I want the person in that picture to exemplify the characteristics I can defend before my grandkids. My list is probably identical to your own. Hatred of the current administration has nothing to do with it.

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