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How much does your typical politician cost nowadays?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19436points) July 18th, 2019

In any country? In any level of government?
Tounge in cheek. Humor welcome.

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Some can be bought with a bj and a smile.

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Whatever the market will allow.

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William Barr paid monthly bribes to Republicans. All stopped after his confirmation.

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Bouts of disgust.

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I hear Hillarys price dropped a few years ago.

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“Tough on crime” judges in the U.S. have been bought cheap for decades by the corporate incarceration industry. It often takes just a couple thousand dollars to put a candidates name in front of people who will vote for the name they recognize when they get way down-ballot to the judge offices.
This has brought us three-strikes laws and mandatory sentences and contractor managed prisons where management can put someone into solitary confinement for nearly nothing while charging the government higher per-diem fees.

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@Patty_Melt They don’t really care whether you smile or not as long as they get their BJ!!!

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If you find it necessary to ask, it is probably more than you can afford.

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Flip the question. Let’s say that a politician can be ‘bought’. How long do they stay bought? Can they be trusted to deliver? Or will they sell you out when someone else comes along?

If a politician can ‘sell out’ once, is he/she like to be a sellout another time, or dozens of times?

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^ I learned a long time ago that IF they’ll cheat on you with someone else then they’ll cheat on BOTH of you with another person!!!

A person willing to sellout doesn’t care over whom they screw!!!

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