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In James Bond shows what does M stand for?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19440points) July 19th, 2019

I thought it stood for Mother.

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It’s just a code letter for a certain individual. It means nothing. Like “Q.”

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@Dutchess_lll Judi Dench’s character in the Jame Bond movie series.

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The original M’s actual name was revealed gradually in the books as Vice Admiral Sir Miles Messervy.

It seems likely it is an initial for his name, originally, as that was done by some actual people Ian Flemming knew in MI5 and MI6, including one head of MI5 Maxwell Knight who signed M.

According to John Pearson’s biography of Flemming, The Life of Ian Fleming, he also used M to refer to his own mother, which may either be part of it, or just share the general practice of referring to people with single letters.

(info from the Wikipedia page for M. ).

Mother itself is the code name for (NON-Marvel) The Avengers ’ handler in some later seasons of that spy show from the 1960’s. I imagine it could be a sly reference to M in Bond stories, as they did that sometimes, particularly later on.

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The character has had several incarnations & all had either their first or surnames beginning with M
The powers that be only employ people with that in mind.
Q stands for Quartermaster & so another meaning for M could be Master of spies

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It was an initial of the character.

There’s a tradition at MI6 (in real life) of the head signing documents with a single initial.

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@Lightly Interesting!!

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In the version where the character is played by Samuel L. Jackson, it stands for Motherfucker.

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I think therefore I M?

Thanks for asking this. Always wondered.

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I agree: it is lightly interesting. ;-)

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