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Can you help me figure out what this figure is in this video of an explosion that happened in our city today?

Asked by wiscoblond (924points) 1 month ago

If you look to the right just after the explosion you can see something black that falls to the ground next to the building. Some are saying it’s an animal but I don’t think it is. To me it looks human, as if someone diving for cover. Others have said it might be something that fell.

Please let me know if the link doesn’t work. I’ll try to find a better link.

This explosion was at our power facility in Madison. It left 15,000 of us without power for most of the day in sweltering heat. Our governor declared a state of emergency. This happened down the street from my house. The city still doesn’t know what caused the explosion. I have a friend wondering if it was intentional with the mysterious black figure in the video.

Where are my sleuths?

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I tried to view it frame by frame but did not see the object.
That looks like an oil filled transformer got too hot and blew up.

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I just read a comment where someone thought it was a bear. I have no faith in humanity.

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Thank you for giving it a look @LuckyGuy

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I circled the image. This is after it fell.

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I would think if it was a person jumping do cover they would have moved earlier not after the explosion had started to recede and I would have expected them to move in the opposite direction.
Also using the door on the building for scale I’d think the moving thing is too small to be a person. My initial thought was cat but rewatching I’m not so sure.

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@Lightlyseared It has me curious. If I find out I’ll share. Thank you for taking a look.

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It’s clearly a black leather passenger seat of a 1967 Chevelle.

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You win @rebbel :D

(btw, miss you on the book of faces)

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Do you know the size of those doors?

I think it looks like a human movement, or something that like a human has segments contained in a bag of something. If the height of a person would only come up to about the black windows in those doors, then the scale would be correct too. If a typical adult human would be nearly as tall as the whole door, then it’d be a small human or something else. In no case do I think it is a bear.

I think there was someone standing where the camera can’t see it through the pole, and who fell towards the explosion after the explosion receded. It’s not unexpected that they fall towards it because it’s not a voluntary movement – they were hurt by the explosion and are collapsing, and may be getting pulled towards the fire by the receding air after the explosion, and/or just toppling in that direction because they’re not in control of themselves, having just been hurt by the explosion.

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I see it! I vote it is a person trying to find a spot for cover that is not in view of the heat.
That’s what I’d do if I were in the area.

A worker in the building to the right?

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If it were a person, I think they would have run much further away. Don’t know what it could be.

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If it was a human it would had gone to the doors further to the right rather than closer to the transformer.Therefore possibly an animal since it stays on all four legs. And why would it be climbing a metal pole in the first place…? Monkey? ... is there monkeys there?

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@janbb @Inspired_2write It looks to me like the person was engulfed, or at least right next to, a huge fireball from a sudden unpredictable explosion a moment before collapsing. I think they may have been unable to run away (possibly in many ways – e.g. confusion, disorientation, injury, pain, shock, stun, fear, injury, unconsciousness, death…).

The person wasn’t on the metal pole – the pole just blocks view from the camera position. It looks like they were on or behind a metal framework thingie that’s further back behind the pole.

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I tried to view “BEFORE” this explosion for this person but nowhere? Could the pole had blocked ALL of that person, if it was a person .
Notice that the mystery person goes on all fours , so I assume that if a person that yes on your observation it could explain confusion, collapse etc
But on the other hand “why” did this person not show up in the hospital or on the scene?
Hope to God that they did not cause this explosion, otherwise it would explain as to the why they never materialized later?

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I didn’t see a person before the explosion and the fire ball covered the area where the object first appears afterward. So I can’t see if someone was thrown back by the blast or if it was just debris. Going very slowly, it looks more like a rectangular plate. What I initially took as potentially arms actually seemed more like an optical illusion caused by the dark line going horizontally under the transformer and the darker one going vertically where the object falls.

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It does look like a human but I don’t know how likely that is.
I know nothing of explosions but couldn’t that kill someone? like if that shadow was human wouldn’t it have died? I don’t know.
I live super close to Madison. I hope you are doing okay @wiscoblond and I hope anyone else you know from their is safe as well. I heard it happened but didn’t know it was an explosion. News articles said it was a fire.

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I do also wonder that if it was intentional/ a terrorist attempt, wouldn’t it have happened to the capitol itself? With the insane heat (being 90 but feeling 106) I wonder if something just overheated and exploded. Which could make the possible human figure just ducking for cover. All in all, scary that it happened twice, in two locations.

Do you know how old these facilities were? Maybe age plus heat has to do with it as well.

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@Inspired_2write Yes, I think it’s a person who was behind the pole before the explosion. The pole is considerably closer to the camera than the person is, so it blocks a larger area than the person occupies.

If no one was reported injured or killed, then either they were not seriously hurt, or they weren’t reported (they left the scene, or were captured but not reported). “Why” is even more conjecture – I can think of many potential reasons, but they’d just be guesses.

And, it could just be some object falling over that just ends up looking like a person in this distant video.

@SergeantQueen Yes, it could kill someone, but it would not necessarily do so, and might not even hurt them badly, even if they fell over. It’s very hard to know especially as we don’t see what the situation was behind the pole.

As for terrorist/intentional attacks, there’s no way to know without much more information what the attackers had in mind in choosing a target.

I expect theyr’e accidents, but if all it takes in 90 degree weather for powerstations to start blowing up, you’ve may have a serious issue.

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The city is saying it was the top of a container. When I have the time I’ll share the link.

I’m still thinking a bear would have been cool :D

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@wiscoblond The top of a container, eh?

Sounds to me like . . . a cover-up . . .

@flo /s

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Haha. Good one.

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