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If you have one chance to go back in time for a few months to live with either Native Americans or American early settlers, which group would you choose?

Asked by mazingerz88 (23110points) 1 month ago from iPhone

And why?

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I would choose Native Americans, specifically Choctaw, to see how my ancestors lived. That would also be a better choice for most people because the colonists were not very familiar with the new land.

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The Aboriginal natives. I have several questions, like Night At The Museum.

I would prefer to go back to a time before natives learned English, French, Spanish or Dutch.
I would know of their legends which were lost when whites decided to erase their culture.
When I returned I could write and publish them.
First, I would have to learn the language.

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I would choose to live with the natives. .

I judge a race, with their ability to coexist with nature.

Therefore, I would choose the natives. I know they battled their own, but they didn’t do it with bombs, and shit. Something that I don’t agree with.

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Another for the natives, Cherokee specifically. And omg, the men, hubba hubba

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I have Cherokee in blood. I love it, and respect it . I would prefer to live like them. Peaceful, unless I have to .

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^^Once or twice I visited the American Indian Museum in DC and a built-up teepee made great impression. There was also a well decorated and very much artistically so, quite colorful and all that, a life-size white horse, a wooden harness attached which pulls a cart of sorts laden with supplies.

What struck me most though I wouldn’t be able to describe it in detail even if I could recall it…lol….was this “pouch” on the side of the horse which if I wasn’t mistaken was meant to carry an infant. All in all, the whole set-up was very impressively aesthetic. These early Americans knew how to do it in style!

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Native American. Like Shoshone, Bannock, Paiute.

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