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If you go for a midnight fridge raid, what food would it be most likely?

Asked by mazingerz88 (23110points) 1 month ago from iPhone

As asked, 28 minutes passed midnight.

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I’ve cream. I’m about ready to go grab myself an ice cream sandwich.

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Ha. I do make my own ice cream sandwiches. Have the necessary components right now.

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Umm… currently just did it. An IPA and a bowl of Rice Crispies with almond milk.

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Just have a cold cut or two.
Slice of lunch ham, or roast beef.

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Most likely cheese.

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Like…after I’ve gone to bed for the night?

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Roast beef and chez whiz on a hamburger bun, and/or chocolate frozen pudding.

You talked me into it. Both.

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I’m not usually up at that hour, nor do I get hungry after I have gone to bed, but tonight, I had to pick up some friends from the airport, deposit them at their house, and then drive back to my house. It’s after midnight and I just ate a delicious cheese quesadilla.

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I go for frozen pizzas. But less lately, because I’m trying to lose weight.

I’ve been buying citrus, and cherries. Seems to be doing the trick. I’ve lost over 60 lbs.

I’ve went from a defensive end, to a basketball player’s size. Almonds help too. I can get a small amount, for like $4.00.

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Very rare for me to do it, so I don’t have a regular thing. Maybe a toasted cheese sandwich. If I have pretzels in the house maybe that. I don’t always have snack foods. Sometimes I’m on a no cheese diet, so instead of a cheese sandwich I’d force myself to eat some fruit maybe.

Definitely not cereal or soup, someone mentioned that above. Too much risk of needing to pee three times while I sleep. I hate waking up to pee.

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Like @SQUEEKY, maybe cold bite of chicken, piece of cheese. Easy and quiet. If my dogs dont catch on..ha

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It depends on what I have in the house. Sadly, I do it all the time. If I had my pick it would be cookies.

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The only thing in my refrigerator right now, that does not require cooking, is bread and creme fraiche.
So no raiding will happen.

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I have never, not once, gotten up after I’ve gone to bed to get food. By no stretch of the imagination am I starving.

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Yougart at times , but few as I try to never eat once I have gone to sleep as this allows the body to burn up those excess calories then.
Some diet advice suggest to never eat after 7 pm as the body will burn off the weight given at least 10 hours between eating supper to breakfast.
Some suggest eating at 11 Am – 7 Pm only, and the weight just melts off.

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I only eat once a day, around 2:00. That’s the plan, anyway.

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I seldom go to bed before midnight, so 3 scoops of Breyer’s chocolate ice cream would be my downfall…I do my best to refrain from those midnight callings!!!

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The only time I may eat something late is if I’m traveling and arrive late. Otherwise I’m never waking up to eat or eating late at night.

On the rare occasions I’m traveling and looking for something when I arrive, it would be something dry like cheese and crackers or popcorn. Nothing liquid so my bladder won’t disturb my (eventual) sleep.

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@Dutchess what you are describing isn’t a midnight snack. A midnight snack is when you stay up late. You don’t go to bed then wake up and eat.

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Cinnamon oatmeal.
Instant breakfast.
Chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk.
Turkey sandwich. Or two. Or three…

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