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Regarding the "meaning of life" and humanity's self worth, what is the difference between being in a universe created by a god, and a universe created as a computer simulation by an alien race?

Asked by ragingloli (46548points) July 21st, 2019

Is there one?
Would such an alien race not be gods?
Should they be worshipped?
And if they should not be worshipped, why should a god be?

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Does it matter? If there is a god creating a universe, who is to say that the god is not, in fact, the product of a computer simulation? There’s no way to tell if this god has godlike characteristics innately, because it is a god, or because it was granted some sort of god-mode permissions by a computer simulation.

As a person on earth, how would I know whether my world was created by a real god or a software glitch? I wou;dn’t, but I’m not sure it matters. How would it change my life?

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There is literally no difference whatsoever.

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There is also the possibility of a maltheistic view, that beings such as Lovecraft’s Great Old Ones exist—horribly alien and usually extremely powerful but also entrapped or imprisoned in some way at least until the stars come right again—along with Outer Gods which are more like incomprehensible concepts and workings of the “divinity”— along with Elder Gods which are either the little gods of earth’s mythology and folklore, or more benign gods.

Or the God believed in by most monotheistic believers such as Christians and Jews, who can be capricious but overall benevolent.

In Sci-Fi the Matrix can exist, but I think that God and gods are far more incomprehensible and mystic and reflected in too many things like numbers, systems, geometry, nature, even the nature of holiness and love, to be a mere alien race. And the universe itself is far more complex and mystic to be a computer simulation created by aliens.

Worship is a natural human response to the majesty and glory of a God that is greater than human comprehension. Not something we ‘decide’ whether or not God is worthy of worship, or should be, or whatever.

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Nuttin’ Honey. We each create our own self worth after we’re born.

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Then the question becomes” Who created the aliens?”
The obvious answer would be God ..or a greater power called God?

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Or physics @Inspired_2write. Which is what I accept. Physics is more awe inspiring than any fake magic I’ve ever encountered.

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Who created physics?
Therein lies the inevitable loop .

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Gravity creates physics. And gravity is created by atoms and electrons. Those are created by electricity. And gravity.
No Supreme Being has to create anything.

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And who created god?

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Woman created God.

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And what if you are a Boltzmann Brain?

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Which scenario could make me come back to life as a billionaire-philanthropist actor? That’s the only meaning that imo should matter. Lol

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If you believe in God then the universe created by God would be the best of all possible worlds, not so for the talented but finite aliens. This of course brings up the question of what the criteria are for being the best of all possible worlds. Did God make them up? Then they are arbitrary. Do they exist independently of God? Then God had no choice in how to create the universe. He is merely an automaton. Take your pick.

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Being in a universe created by a god would be real whereas the alien computer simulation would be just that: a simulation that, like the old Twilight Zone episode where a couple wakes up in a unfamiliar town, the trees are fake, as is everything else, and the train that leaves the station but doesn’t really go anywhere and keeps coming back to the same station.
In my opinion, there would be no reason to worship any god since he/she probably did it as self entertainment and not for the benefit of myself.

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