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Have you ever accidentally murdered your cell phone?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (18881points) July 21st, 2019

Did you drop it ?
Did you submerge it?
What interesting stories do you have to tell about the death of your cell phone.

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Yes, I once dropped mine in the toilet at a night cub.

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Knock on wood, I’ve never broken one. I have a Otter Box on it, so it’s pretty well protected.

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Otter boxes worked fine for me too. Though I wish instead of black rubber there’s another material available as effective as in that particular model I had.

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Mine is a denim blue, Amazon. About six or seven dollars.

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“Accidentally murdered?” You kill your phone knowingly, but it’s an accident? I might accidentally kill my phone, and I might knowingly destroy the phone…
But, no, never have.
Not yet…

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No, but I accidentally dropped my pizza on the floor, toppings down.
Still ate it, though.

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I had one years ago that I didn’t kill. Honestly, it committed suicide!!! It slipped out of my hand, the corner hit the floor, & then it bounced over my kitchen counter top only to land in the cat’s water bowl on the other side. I grabbed the rice out of the cabinet. Obviously, I wasn’t fast enough as the screen rapidly began to flicker & turn black. Now I spend some extra & buy a water resistant model. One of those has already paid for itself after I accidentally dropped it in the toilet. Can’t deny that this rtime it was MY fault!!!

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Left it in pocket when pants went in washing machine.

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No. I have it securely in a wallet case and I have a screen protector on it. If the kids want to play they have to stay in one place and not walk around with it.
I’m not going to treat a $600 hand computer like a cheap pair of gloves.

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Had mine in the pocket of my swim trunks when I started into the ocean. I remembered it was there before I submerged, but the trunks had already wicked a lot of the salt water. Salt water and electronics don’t mix.

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Slammed one in a car door once. It all happened fast.

I was hopping out of the car and slamming the door in hardly more than one move.
The phone flipped out of my pocket and got slapped in the door. The damaged screen was almost totally black.

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@Yellowdog I don’t think that could be considered “murder” for a cell phone. Manslaughter at the very worst. Probably closer to reckless endangering.

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