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What homework and chores did you ever enjoy?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19437points) July 21st, 2019

Was it a particular subject that you enjoyed? Any grade from k- ph.d.

I enjoyed the weaving assinment in grade 5. Took the whole year to make a medium sized square.

Also what chores did you enjoy?

I liked pumping gas and mowing the grass and using the snowblower to get rid of the snow in the driveway.

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I never enjoyed any chores. I did enjoy homework when it was still “easy” like in grade school.

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I loved creative writing assignments and book reports.

Chores I like are yardwork and laundry.

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Science projects. Especially those that required drawing and labeling.
The only chore I enjoyed was detail cleaning the station wagon, getting ready to go to the drive in.

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Laundry and dishes. I find doing them very relaxing

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My tenth grade English teacher required us to hand in a piece of writing every week. It could be any length, any form, fiction or non-fiction, and would not be graded. I enjoyed writing on various philosophical areas, knowing that I had a captive audience of one.

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Can’t think of any. I’m being completely serious.

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Well, I loved school in general so it wasn’t hard to find a homework assignment I enjoyed. I actually liked almost all of them. Science I liked the MOST.

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I was partial to adventure. When science was mundane I was bored, but when it did stuff, I loved that. The same with reading and writing. If it was basic I was bored, but if it was challenging i loved that. The chores I liked were gardening and taking care of my chickens. Oh! And hay. I was bigger and stronger than my little brother so in the winter it was my job to help my dad get hay out to the cattle. I hated vacuuming. The cord presented me with such problems. I liked laundry, but never let on.

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I enjoyed creative writing. And I usually found Latin homework easy and fun. As for chores, I never had to do many chores as a kid outside of cleaning my own room, but I did enjoy vacuuming when I got the chance. I still like to vacuum.

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Come to my house @Demosthenes! You can vacuum your heart out!

If I got started on a creative writing project, I’d skip recess to stay inside to work on it. It just grabbed me and I couldn’t stop until it was done.
The first time it happened I was in 6th grade. The assignment was to write a story using our spelling words.
Well, I crafted a fantasy Indian tribe, headed by Chief Thunderhead Cabbage. I had some sort of plot involving finding treasure, but every time I got stuck I just created a new Indian whose name just happened to be one of my spelling words. I think the Great Warrior Pencil Head was one of them.
My teacher loved it, Mom loved it…she kept it for years and years.
That’s when everyone started encouraging me to write.

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