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Do you want to share a love story with us?

Asked by Dutchess_III (41921points) July 21st, 2019

I don’t care if it’s about you or someone else, or even if it’s real or not.
My grandson and I have a love story. He’s 4. The first time he was glad to see me he was 6 months old. His mom was holding him, he saw me and smiled and nodded.
He is just like his dad! It kind of hurts because it’s like watching his dad grow up all over again. But, then again, because of this I’m two steps ahead of him, where I was about half a step behind my crazy son.
Well, he’s finally verbal, and his mom said he asks about me every day all day. “I need gramma!” he’ll say. :D
Well, I was gone for almost 3 weeks and he was going crazy. He needed me and I was no where to be found.
I got home today and went to the skating rink because that’s where they were. I walked in and saw Cooper.
I said, “Hey Cooper.”
He looked up and said, “Gramma!” and smiled. Suddenly he froze and the blood drained from his face…”GRANDMA!!! he cried out and flung himself in my arms, buried his face in my neck and actually sobbed. I didn’t think he was ever going to let go. He wouldn’t let me out of his sight after that.
My son heard him tell the lady running the rink all about me. “That’s my gramma. She was gone a long time and I missed her, but she’s back now. That’s my gramma!!!” I didn’t hear it, but I wondered why she was grinning at me when I walked by, LOL!
That boy just keeps me going. I love all of my kids, but I really, really like Cooper. I really really liked his dad too, and his dad really liked me. We were just buds.

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I have this old black dog whom no one had loved. Left alone all day by the first owners, unloved for 3 years at a foster. For the first 6 months I couldnt hug her, she wouldnt play at all. Now two years later at age 12, we are best buds and just get eachother.

Your story is touching, thats how grandparents should always be welcomed back.

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Well, I have 10, and they all enjoy seeing me, but Cooper is different.

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