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When I have an important task, I postpone everything else. What should I do?

Asked by TylerDurden (8points) 1 month ago

When I have an important task (at work) that is due, I forget about everything else, postpone everything and try to deliver it asap. The problem is; these tasks keep coming, obviously. It kind of ruins my life because I postpone every day things I wanna do such as visiting doctors, changing satellite subscriptions, meeting my friends, etc. What do you recommend I should be doing ?

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Have you ever heard of Getting Things Done? There are many famous/executives/successful people who follow those techniques. It might be worth checking out.

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You have to multi-task. Dropping everything to do a job, is fine as long as you are very organized and focused.

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Does it take a full 18 hours day to do the one task? How many hours does it average to complete a task?

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Put things like doctor appointments on a calendar and take time off from work to visit them.

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Delagate easy routine tasks to a subordinate.

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You can’t be that one sided. Ask yourself if your work is more important to you than the people in your life? If so, continue as you were I guess

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