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Is there a correct way to use Velcro?

Asked by raum (5518points) 2 months ago from iPhone

Does it matter which side you adhere the male/hoop/rough Velcro? Versus the female/loop/soft Velcro?

Does it affect the overall efficacy of the Velcro? Or completely arbitrary?

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Well, what it takes to make it stick.

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The key is sizing. Make sure the hooks and the loops are the same size and made for each other. (Yes, Velcro comes in different size densities).

If they’re not matching sizes, they won’t adhere.

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If you attach it to clothing, shoes, or bags, I would put the hard part on the stationary piece, and the soft part on all moving pieces.
In case they’re not stuck together the soft clothing piece might flap around and irritate your bare skin.
Pro tip ~

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Also, don’t use Velcro if you go hunt or soldier….
Or if you do, use two females.

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@rebbel Using two females is always a challenge. One is always whining.

Seriously, though – how do two Velcro females stick together?

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@elbanditoroso It was a(n attempt at a) joke.
Undoing Velcro is very noisy (at night, in a forest, while searching for game, or an enemy soldier), so don’t use the stuff on anything that you’d be using in those circumstances.
Since two females don’t stick they won’t make noise (the Velcro females, that is).

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If it sticks it is correct.

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@si3tech Either way would probably work. But I’m curious if one particular way affects the efficacy.

My initial guess was that the female/loop/soft Velcro has a more consistent texture. And the angle that you apply it to the male/hoop/rough side doesn’t matter as much. If the male is flat and the female is bent in use.

But the hook texture has a specific shape to each hook, so the angle in which you attach it matters more.

If that makes any sense?

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@elbanditoroso In this particular case, size definitely matters!

@rebbel Really good point about the soft side! Thanks!

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@raum You are welcome.

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