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How long does it take for a dog with shoes to walk normally?

Asked by ragingloli (46554points) July 22nd, 2019

You have all seen videos of dogs with shoes, and them flipping out.
How long does it take for them to get used to their footwear, and just walk around normally?

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I don’t know anyone who persisted in upsetting their dogs by leaving them on, true story.
My dogs came off within the first three minutes and we never tried again.

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^^ Yeah. We tried rubber boots on our cocker once. Didn’t work.

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What kind of shoes on which kind of dog? My German Shepherd wore jack boots.

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Military, and police dogs wear them often. Especially in hot places. But you seem to have to start them wearing them, as a puppy. Otherwise, most act like they can’t walk in them.

I suppose a good trainer might have success, with an older dog…. I think it depends on the dog too though….

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If you use drool-worthy treats and lots of patience, over time you can teach a dog to do just about anything!

You have to take it in stages and go slow. You start out by showing them the booties and then giving them a treat so that they will associate the booties with good things. Then after a while of doing that, then you put the bootie on (don’t tighten it) and give the dog a treat. When it accepts having the bootie on one foot, advance to the next step.

You’ll make the most progress if you do several five minute sessions throughout the day rather than one 30 minute session.

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