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Why. Do. People. Sometimes. Write. Like. This?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (16612points) 1 month ago

How. Do. You. Suppose. To. Read. This. Question? Do. You. Picture. An. Angry. Mimishu. Grinding. Her. Teeth. While. Spelling. Out. Every. Single. Word. And. Breathing. Heavily? What. Purpose. Does. This. Type. Of. Writing. Serve?

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To be annoying and/or make a statement.

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Because our periods are right next to thevspace bar on the phone and we hit . Them accidentally. And same with Vs and Bs in random places. Close to the space bar. And trying to type fast.

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For. Maximum. Effect. Theatrically.

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Why Inhatevtyping on my phone.

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A William Shatner fan?

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As we have often seen on Fluther, text does not readily convey attitude and emotion. Sometimes writing like that serves to send a message as to the vehemence of what someone wants to say, but it’s only really effective if used for a single sentence. But I agree with you, that writing like that very much is silly, and it can come across as passive aggressive.

Also it should never be used in a formal sense.

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@snowberry when was the last time you tried to post a comnent of any substance from your phone?

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@snowberry I often see see this type of writing in informal writing, usually on websites that offer advice. The sentence is usually very short, and it seems to carry a strong message. The image of an angry breathing person is what I have in mind when I see that kind of writing. I just wonder if it serves any other purpose.

And yeah, I was trying to be funny with that long sentence :P

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@Dutchess_lll just yesterday, but I normally don’t use my phone to post on Fluther.

Regardless of how I use text on my phone, The thing always manages to insult me or my recipient because it usually changes what I want to say just after I hit send and before it posts! It’s the weirdest thing ever.

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I’ve never seen that. But what’s worse is someone who writes run-on sentences that roll on and while changing idea. Very hard to follow what they are trying to say. They should be broken down into many short sentences in a few paragraphs.

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I tend to think it means emphatic deliberate word-by-word expression, generally when someone thinks the reader might not otherwise pay careful attention to what they write.

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I used to see people do it as a sarcastic response to a generalization. Someone would say something like “women are petty” and someone would respond with “every. single. one. of. them.”

I’ll do this sometimes when I feel the person I’m speaking with is not getting a point that I’m trying to make. It is a bit douchey, though.

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To emphasise every. single. word.

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Each of us gets a period quota every year, If you don’t use them, they get repossessed and you don’t get as many periods next year.

So people Write. Like. This. so that they will use up all their periods and get a good supply for next year.

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I generally only see that from people who can’t set up their cell phones correctly.

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To get attention.

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I’ve only seen it when someone is trying to be snarky.

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How does one set up a cell phone to stop that from happening @KNOWITALL? I have a Samsung Note 5.

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Punctuation is partly used to know how the written word would be spoken. The periods let you know the writer is speaking basically in a staccato.

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One sentence long, the author thinks their audience is an idiot.

More than one sentence long, the audience thinks the author is an idiot. (Unless they’re just demonstrating for their Fluther description.)

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How does one set up a cell phone to stop that from happening @KNOWITALL? I have a Samsung Note 5.

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