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Would you want to be Marilyn Monroe?

Asked by Dutchess_lll (8485points) July 23rd, 2019

I’m watching My Week With Marilyn and Wowza! Wasn’t she something. I have seen pictures from when she was just Norma Jean. Pretty girl. But her Marilyn persona is out of this stratosphere….and it is a deliberate and beautiful manifestation that I could never, not in a millions years, pull off. Nor would I want to. The expectations, the abuse, the attention would all be way too much for me. I would not want it.
But good on her…though something in all of that killed her in the end.
I wonder what drove her?

This question is open to men too.

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I would never ever want to be her or anyone with a similar life. I suspect she didn’t either.

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I would be dead right now if I was.

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It’s a persona she created @nerdgirl578. It’s not like she had no choice.
Many women, including me, had the face and the body to do that, but I could never. But she had the moxy so she did it.
It reminds me if that line in Eric Bockovitch where her boss asks her what makes her think she can just waltz in and get what she wants.
She says “It’s called boobs, Ed.” BEST LINE EVER!!
Erin B had rhe moxy too!

What @ragingloli?

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@Dutchess_lll I’m aware of that of course. Still, I doubt she or anyone else would really want to live like that for real. Maybe she thought she did, who wouldn’t want to be famous and loved by all?

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Me! I don’t want to be famous and loved by all!

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Marilyn is my wife’s second cousin.
She had a hard go of it. I don’t think I’d want to go thru that.

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@Dutchess_lll Lol, ok… But if we’re serious I think it’s probably sad for a lot of famous people. I’m not famous, and can only speculate obviously. I don’t think being famous would fill any void in your heart, and a lot of the famous people like her seem/seemed to have a strong desire to be loved or acknowledged.

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I read that her childhood was deeply troubling, with more than one kind of abuse involved.

And that speaks to your GA Nerdgirl.

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@Dutchess_lll What do you mean with GA?

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I can’t imagine anyone I know being comparable to Marilyn Monroe! But I wouldn’t want her life.

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Well you do know someone comparable to Marilyn @janbb. She was a pretty girl like any number of girls. It’s what she did, had the moxy, to do with it that made her Marilyn.

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No, too crazy for me, that life. Like Robin Williams and others, theres a frantic energy in some people that I relate to mental illness. Jim Carrey is another example. Makes me wonder if they’d have been happier minus the fame they think they want.
She was gorgeous and I bet she had a big heart.I wish we could have seen her settled and happy.

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She died in 1962.
If I was her, I would be dead today.

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When you say goodbye always remember to say “it was”.

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Uhh, only to work with the great Eve Arnold perhaps. But in that case I’d just choose to be Eve Arnold instead.

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