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Is there a good replacement for SaveTube?

Asked by 2davidc8 (9624points) July 24th, 2019

I used to use SaveTube to download the audio portion of YouTube videos, ending up with an mp3 file on my computer (laptop).
However, I think that the SaveTube site has gone out of business. So, what is a good, safe replacement for it? By “safe”, I mean I don’t want to end up getting a ton of spam emails, or worse, viruses. If I have to look at a couple of ads, that’s OK.
I know that YouTube itself offers the capability to download not only the audio but the video as well, but I have to pay for it.
I’m looking for a free solution, because I’ll need to use this only once in while. I don’t need a subscription.

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My understanding is that google has purchased youtube & google is greedy. They are slowly blocking every ripper product with the ability to be used on their site. My favorite was recently blocked & I’ve had to switch to another. I use Mozilla Firefox for my browser & it has an app that still rips youtube both video & audio. I know that eventually google will block them all. I used to use the one that Mimi suggested & it probably is still working at this point so I suggest you try it!!!

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Has anyone used KeepVid? I looked at their website and it seems that it is not free and that most YouTube content is excluded from download. Is my impression correct? Is it safe to use?

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I have no knowledge of KeepVid. This is the one that I use.It doesn’t just work on Youtube but also on some of the others including some games. To my knowledge this only works with Firefox but I could be wrong. I think the link determines your browser & tells you IF it’s compatible. If you can’t get this worked out, DM me & I’ll see if we can’t find a way for me to download them for you & then send them to you.

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