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Do you believe in objective truths?

Asked by thywater (97points) 1 month ago

Or is everything subjective?

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Yes, there are objective truths, and I believe them.

Having said that, there are plenty of people that will deny objective truth (erroneously) for the benefit of their personal religious, political, or similar beliefs.

A simple and stupid example: The objective truth is that liquid water is wet. There will be people who would say that it isn’t wet – rather, you get an answer like this (from the Guardian newspaper):

Water isn’t wet. Wetness is a description of our experience of water; what happens to us when we come into contact with water in such a way that it impinges on our state of being. We, or our possessions, ‘get wet’. A less impinging sense experience of water is that it is cold or warm, while visual experience tells us that it is green or blue or muddy or fast-flowing. We learn by experience that a sensation of wetness is associated with water: ‘there must be a leak/I must have sat in something.’

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@elbanditoroso Wow that made me laugh. I mean yes and according to a fish the world may be shapeless but… I’m confused.

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It always depends on who’s point of view, who’s “objective truths” are being considered. So everything is subjective.

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@kritiper “It always depends on who’s point of view, who’s “objective truths” are being considered. So everything is subjective.”

That’s madness. If a blind person doesn’t see the chicken crossing the road, then it didn’t happen? There is one common reality that we all share and experience differently in our own ways, but that doesn’t change what’s actually happening. All truths must have been filtered by someone’s subjective experience/interpretation, but that’s a different thing than saying “everything is subjective.”

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I do believe in an objective reality. I wish more people did.

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@gorillapaws Consider the old story “The Seven Blind Men and the Elephant.”

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There is a core set of beliefs we must agree on. This is really basic stuff like being able to make observations and communicate with others. Once these basics are agreed on then we can specify an objective scientific reality based on testable hypotheses that have passed the test. This of course allows for these hypotheses to be refined into more accurate hypotheses.

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@gorillapaws What is the objective right when it comes to gender identities?

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@thywater I’m pretty sure that it’s possible to hook someone up to an fMRI machine and figure out their gender, and even if it’s not there yet technologically, it will be someday.

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The laws of physics are objective truths.

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The perfect illustration of the relevance of objective truth is immediately apparent regarding considerations on the current President.

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I think our “objective truths” are usually little more than shared subjective convictions. The only strictly objective truths are in mathematics.

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“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.” —Philip K. Dick

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When someone claims “Truth is relative, subjective”.

I ask them, Is that an absolute, objective statement?

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“To each his own.”

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Of course.
God exists.
God does not exist.
One of those is true. It does not matter who or how many believe. Evidence or belief do not make it more or less true.

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