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Do you think given the opportunity Democrats would steal a Supreme Court seat similar to what McConnell did with Garland?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26674points) July 25th, 2019 from iPhone

Should the Democrats do the same thing at all?

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Seems like they’ve let the Republicans deny them one way or another, several times in a row now, no?

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Hmm, I guess I’m just remembering Merrick Garland being denied. I thought it happened more than once, but maybe I’m just confusing it with the Democrats’ failure to stop Trump’s two terrible appointments.

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I can see the Republicans raising objections. Obama was at the end of his second term. A new president was about to be elected. Trump may be re-elected. This may or may not be of any significance, but I can see the Republicans making the argument.

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I still don’t understand how the Reps got away with it. The Reps clearly manipulate the system more. Then they cry about being victims…

The Dems aren’t much better, ethically, but at least they add some balance.

I think I would respect the Dems more, if they did shit like that. While they’re busy trying to be moral, the Reps are raping the the country.

When I play basketball, I always start out playing fair. If the other team starts fouling, then I do too. Cheaters win FAR too much in life. Sometimes, the only real strategy, is to cheat back…

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Of course they would. Despite how much they argued it was wrong and not allowed and all that, they would do it in a heartbeat and would justify it by saying it was payback. Funny thing, though, I suspect that if the situation arose, you wouldn’t hear the outrage from the right that you heard from the left.

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Bullshit! The left has NOTHING on the right when it comes to self righteous pretense!

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If the Dems do it the Reps should sit in a corner and stay mumbling and murmuring between themselves.

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I’m pretty sure most of the Democratic Party politicians so often don’t fight as hard or as dirty has a lot to do with how many of them are how deep in the pockets of the same people the Republican Party politicians are: i.e. corporate and oligarchic interests.

When Democrats fail at things, corporations and oligarchs tend to profit from it.

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@stanleybmanly you stated that with such outrageous pretense you sort of defeated your own statement.

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A perfect example of what I was talking about with the Dems whining and screaming about unfair treatment was the “nuclear option” in the Senate. When Harry Reid did it, the Repubs told him he was making a mistake, that it opened the door to be done by the Repubs too. The left cheered Harry and they went ahead anyway. When, a few years later, McConnell used the Nuclear option to push Gorsuch through as a SCOTUS Justice, the left went crazy talking about how illegal that should be and how wrong it was.

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The SCOTUS seats, are more valuable than anything else really. That’s why it was such a big deal. The “nuclear option,” IMO, is a flawed analogy.

Both sides are crooks. I wish that asteroid hit DC the other day. The people representing the US government, are a far cry, from what was intended by our founding fathers…

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@MrGrimm888 the SCOTUS example is perfect to show how the two sides would react. When they initiated the action (using the nuclear option) the right didn’t like it and warned of the problems it would cause. But you didn’t hear them ranting and protesting over it. But when the Repubs returned the favor, the left went crazy saying it was unfair, potentially illegal, protesting, and everything else.
The problem is that our elected officials (all of them) are no better than spoiled children.

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Well. Shit. We agree on something! !!!

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