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Why are most female Trump supporters blonde?

Asked by Stache (4799points) July 26th, 2019 from iPhone

Just an observation from looking at his rallies and interviews of supporters on the news. If I’m wrong please clue me in.

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Interesting. I missed the personal attack.

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This is an honest question.

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It probably isn’t true. It’s only that they are all that’s allowed in the backdrop when the fool is busy running his mouth. It’s like the Bimbos in the Fox blonde barn.

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Come to think of it, it’s difficult to find a scenario of the fool mouthing his interminable nonsense before anything other than a lily white crowd.

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Please be quiet, Mr. Harding.

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Sorry to wake you. Go back to sleep.

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I have noticed that too. Probably all sorts of sociological reasons. But I’ll boil it down:

Prom queens are republicans, and most prom queens are blond.

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At the rallies, they do pull some aside for seats behind him. Fact. So you see them the most I assume.

The rally in my area was mostly white, but so is the population. Believe it or not, for Missouri, the crowd was fairly diverse. I didnt go but some friends and family did.

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Disclaimer: I didn’t read this, but thought it might be interesting.

This might be relevant.

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More than likely Trump commands it to be so. They probably have to pass a certain level of attractiveness too. I mean, that shit is important.

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