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Where is a good entry level path or career for someone who is conceited?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17014points) July 27th, 2019

What are some pros and cons of being conceited? Humor and serious answers welcome.

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Ok I just learned a new word, and would like to share with my Fluther friends. (Conceited) I’ve never known what the word meant other than being bad to be called it.

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I guess being a model would be a good option. Maybe a mirror maker. Maybe create an app that allows people to be told every day something that is great about them. You could be the one that has all the suggestions used by the app and you could base them on yourself.

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Besides politics?

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Become an actor/actress thereby they are always in front of the camera .

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If you’re conceited, lie constantly, assault women and brag about it, cheat people without a qualm of conscience and constantly insult and threaten anyone who dares to disagree with you then you will have rendered yourself almost unemployable. There is just one job for which you are well qualified and the position is presently filled.

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If the person is attractive enough, yes, modeling would work. News anchor, host or hostess, real estate sales person.

When I was better looking and younger, I hid well the fact that I was vain and somewhat conceited. I loved seeing myself in the mirror when I worked or guided a tour. Lots of people thought I was super intelligent and attractive. This helped me to perfect my appearance and techniques. I kiow I was conceited because I liked being in the center of attention, and some people perceived me as being condescending or a know-it-all.

I quickly learned that the presentation I made is what made me look good. Not that I was talented or good looking,

Any position where you present something and do it with flair, is a good match for a conceited person.

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Here is a well known joke for your new word:
I used to be conceited, but now I am perfect.

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