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Do you assume anti-Israel means pro Palestinians?

Asked by JLeslie (58576points) July 28th, 2019 from iPhone

More specifically, do you assume that people who criticize Israel’s actions are pro Palestinian?

Do you assume people who criticize Israel’s actions are anti-Israel?

Can you be pro Israel and pro Palestinian all at once? Can you be pro both and still criticize both sides, or either side?

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I am “anti-Israel.” But not necessarily pro-Palestinian. I just wish that both sides could coexist better. I have read, that both sides essentially teach their children to hate each other. I saw text books, from both sides, that depicted each other as the “bad guys.”

As is usually the case, religion seems to be the driving factor, behind the two’s problems…

I don’t think that you have to necessarily pick a side, when you just don’t like human suffering…

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I have some major problems with Israel. The current actions, such as not just maintaining their illegal settlements (which is bad enough), but then bulldozing Palestinian land and expanding them is provocative, and makes them the aggressor in the situation. They loose the moral high-ground. There is a litany of human rights abuses being perpetrated on the Palestinian people. I agree with the BDS movement to force (in a non-violent way) Israel to comply with international law. My opinion has nothing to do with faith, ethnicity, or the people of Israel.

That said, Israel should exist (within their original borders), and I would love nothing more than to see the people of Israel prosper and thrive in peace with their neighbors. I have no idea what label is appropriate for that.

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There are certain actions carried out by the Israeli authorities that require criticism on grounds of common humanity. For example the shooting last year of 189 unarmed Palestinian demonstrators and the wounding of a further 6,000 by Israeli snipers. If my own country tolerated such behaviour by its military I would be critical and angry and not because I hate my country but because I love it.

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I assume that, yes, because generally they are. That doesn’t mean they support the extremist Palestinian position that Israel should be wiped off the map, but overall they are more sympathetic to the Palestinians and their cause than to the Israeli side.

I am critical of Israel and Netanyahu and the current aggression that Israel shows. That doesn’t mean that I am opposed to Israel’s existence. I support the right of both peoples to have a state (either a single one or two, but not this stateless occupation that the Palestinians are currently under).

And no, I don’t think there will be a solution in my lifetime. This conflict could theoretically go on for eternity.

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