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Do you think Britney Spears will perform at this years MTV Video Music Awards show?

Asked by mozartpena (81points) August 27th, 2008

Her manager is denying it. But her hairstylist is saying Britney has 3 looks for the night. What do you think? Do you care or don’t care? Why?

I, do. hahaha

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What year is this question from?!

Seriously, I thought we were in the Hannah Montana Rihanna banana era.

fo fanna..

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@sndfreQ, Don’t forget those Cheat Girlz!!

Britney Spears can do whatever the hell she wants… I don’t care.
Either way, the world keeps turning; the crops keep growing – unless we don’t take enough pictures!

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I hope not, her last performance was a hot mess. Why? Why? Why do I still watch mtv awards shows?

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@nayeight, more importantly, do you really regard anything from MTV to be an award?

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haha….not really.

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@mozartpena – having 3 looks for the night doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll be performing. It probably means that she’ll be attending. These people seem to change their clothes and their look for each party they attend too.

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@nayeight: we watch because we have a compulsion to stare at train wrecks!!!

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hahaha funny

@Tantigirl – yeah, maybe i shouldn’t get my hopes up. it would be fun if she bombed again

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I miss the buzz-cutting Britney. She was entertaining. ~

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