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How's the weather over there?

Asked by anniereborn (14931points) July 29th, 2019

Like right at this moment. Just a general curiosity.

I’m near Chicago and it is cloudy, 74 degrees with 87 percent humidity. I feel like I am breathing in a sauna.

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I am in NY today.. The 89 F here is much more uncomfortable than the 95 F in California on Saturday when I went running at noon.

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It’s a beautiful cloudless day with the temperature in the low 90’s. I’m in WV.

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In coastal CT, and it’s hotting up and getting humid. Ugh. I miss living in the west.

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75 degrees and overcast in Missouri. I love it. Storms most of the morning, high of 84.

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63 degrees and overcast here in the West of Scotland. Thunderstorms expected tomorrow.

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I am in the way Northern California. Today will max at 87°. Cooler than it has been.

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Ugh, those high temps make me ill. We had like a 2 week stretch of 90s, it was killer.

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Hot and dry. Just what I expect and prefer this time of year. Going to be 94 today in Reno.

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65 and overcast. Typical for this time of year as the brutal heat from the interior pulls the cool air in from the ocean. Pretty sure there are brilliant blue skies a mile or so from here. I’ll find out within the hour.

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28°@20:00, but the humidity is killing me.

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Cloudy with a chance of meatballs.

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23°, some clouds.

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88* F – - 42 % humidity and dead calm. No wind and there has been occasional puffs of wind at 4 MPH at 2:30 PM.

Eastern North Carolina

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Today is the inspiration for the term sky blue. Stragglers of puffy white clouds are attempting to catch up with the herd. It would be hot except a rain storm last night brought a cooler temperature along for company.
There is just enough breeze to allow trees a flirty shimmy in their green attire.
It is a good day for bugs and birds to do their jobs, and people to play hooky from theirs.

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I was in Boston for the weekend and it was upper 80’s, low 90’s. I just returned today and I live about 60 miles north of where @zenvelo is right now. It’s in the low 90’s. I’m in the house after my trip from Boston. Just took a cold shower and it’s not too bad in the house without AC on.

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82º, sunny, humidity isn’t a thing here.

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Atlanta GA – no rain for about 10 days. High today 92, will be that way most of the week. Evening lows around 70.

It may change if that tropical depression turns into a hurricane.

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87 something here in Kansas, at 10 PM. Pretty normal here.

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Currently, 64 degrees in Anchorage, AK. Clear and sunny earlier today.

Surprisingly less than five degree difference from home back in CA. But the long daylight hours are tripping me out. Sun doesn’t set here until after 22:00!

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In the mid 90’s this week, with about 14% humidity. The sun is out, and it’s a fairly cool summer so far with only one 100 + degree day this month ”(July). Not too bad while working outside like I do here in southern Idaho, USA. Thank goodness for the coastal mountain ranges to the west!

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It was 112 today in Henderson Nevada. 90 right now.

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