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Why can't I find the login page for Starbucks and Panera wifi anymore?

Asked by ScottyMcGeester (1866points) July 31st, 2019

I’ve had my laptop for several years now. I’ve used it at Starbucks and Panera without issue. But suddenly in these past few months I can’t get the login page for the wifi to show up on the browser. I just keep getting an error on Firefox that I can’t connect to whatever webpage I put in.

Every time you connect to their wifi, you have to go to your browser and the login page would automatically show up so you can connect. My laptop still sees the Starbucks/Panera SSID and connects, but then I can’t actually access the Internet because the login page doesn’t show up.

I’ve tried a couple methods already, such as using Edge instead or deleting my cache. Everyone else around me is able to log in. I just don’t get it. I end up wasting like 30 minutes trying to log in before I give up and leave. I’ve gone to the same Starbucks/Panera that I’ve always gone and suddenly it’s not working.

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