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My iPhone was stolen and my insurance has not yet provided a voucher number. How do I procede with this?

Asked by Yellowdog (10835points) July 31st, 2019

Back in May, my iPhone 5 quit charging, due to a problem with the port, which was really not my doing. But everyone suggested it would be better to go with a more up-to-date model.

So iI went with an iPhone 7 and got myself into a contract I could barely afford. You know, no longer any spare money and maybe you have to rely on a little financial help if you don’t make it to the end of the month. The higher rates are because I am paying for an expensive phone now.

Supposedly I am insured. Both my carrier and the insurance company I got with my contract, have affirmed this. But I’ve seen nothing official that says I am registered.

From day one, I was trying to get the voucher code for my insurance because people with similar contracts told me this was a step in registering my phone with the insurance company. My girlfriend was able to get her voucher code via email within a couple of days. I stayed on my insurance company for weeks, to no avail.

In early July, owning this phone less than four weeks, the phone was stolen at Walmart. I do not know how, but it was stolen from a secure place in a shopping cart. In other words, it didn’t fall and I didn’t leave it anywhere. I am a little trusting because I’ve known people to return lost objects, not actively steal them from someone who maybe is just taking an item from the deli counter or getting yogurt bars from a freezer.

My GF suggested we try in earnest to get the voucher code and then report the theft. But we were still unable to get the voucher code, due to people dropping the ball and not returning calls or getting the information to us. Even when it was made clear that we need it urgently and have been pursuing this matter for weeks.

I’ve been told I am covered, by both my insurance and the carrier. But I don’t see any official registering of it online, as my GF and others who have similar contracts have.

I’ve been several weeks without a phone now, which I am still paying a rather high rate for, and again, I really can’t afford. I still have not reported it stolen, because I am not sure I am fully registered with the insurance, although I’ve been told that I am.

What should be done in this situation? I cannot afford another phone, and can barely pay for this one. I am a caregiver for several people and cannot afford to be without one.

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All cell phones can be traced.
Get your cell phone provider to track its location.
This should had been the first thing to do as well as talking to the security at the store for video of the theft or other?
When you bought the phone, read the agreement and it may have the procedures for your case?
They should had provided another phone in the meantime?
Hope all works out well for you?

“But everyone suggested it would be better to go with a more up-to-date model.“I would be suspicious as to who was telling you to purchase a new one…and then yours is lost?

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Not sure what you are implying by your last paragraph

It IS a little suspicious that a phone disappears/stolen a few weeks after it is obtained. However, I have been trying to get the voucher number from day one to the present, and have stressed that I need it to register the phone. No one would do this with an unregistered phone. They would make sure it was registered before committing fraud, if that’s what you meant by “hmmmmm.”

I will paying monthly increments for the stolen phone. But I do want out of the contract for service for a phone I do not have. If they would replace the phone all would be well. But from the first day I had the phone, they dropped the ball on getting a voucher number to me. As a result, I cannot fully register my phone. Now, the phone is missing/stolen.

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Did you buy this phone from an individual or a from a business?

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Sprint—I got the phone with the contract. The phone is paid for by adding 18 dollars to the bill for the length of the contract.

The business was all conducted over the phone via their website and not from a Sprint store.

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@Yellowdog I also have Sprint. Call them up and go through their voicemail hell. At some point you may have to push zero about 10 or 15 times and then wait to see if it kicks you out of the system and routes you to somebody with a beating heart. Once there, ask to speak to a manager. Write down the name, date and time that you spoke to them. Write down everything that they tell you to do and follow through on it. Also ask for an email. In your email begin by documenting the conversation you had with this particular person, and all the hoops that you jumped through according to their directions.

Another option is go to a Sprint repair store and get them to help you. Be prepared to wait, because sometimes there are long lines. Take a book and maybe a drink and food.

Please keep us posted!

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I bet if you stopped payments THEY would contact you?
Is phone paid in full?
If not stop payment until you get a new phone and or contacted a representative who will arrange suitable replacement.
If paid in up and or write to Sprints Head Office complain about the service that you are NOT getting( voucher #) etc
Sometimes it takes going to the top ( President) of that company to get results.

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