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When you make a turducken, do you remove the skeleton from the duck and chicken first?

Asked by ragingloli (46554points) August 1st, 2019

Or is the final dish a skeleton matryoshka?

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I’ve always fed the chicken to the duck and then the duck to the turkey. There’s another way to do it?

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I thought they were born that way.

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To answer the question, yes.

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Turduckens are a combination of a deboned chicken, stuffed inside a deboned duck, and then stuffed inside a deboned turkey. Each layer is is surrounded by a delicious cornbread or seafood dressing that will have your mouth watering and your tastebuds high-fiving each other.

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“Access from your Country was disabled by the administrator.”

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@ragingloli Seriously, your country moderates your online content? So does China….not okay.

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No, the admin of that website has blocked access from germany.

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@ragingloli Oh, that’s weird.

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Probably because the owner does not want to comply with the european GDPR, which requires website operators to disclose what personal data of users they store, for what purpose, and to enable users to opt out.

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Just tried all the EU servers in my VPN, and they are all blocked.
Canada works.
Which I think confirms my theory.

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Use CRISPR. Then you can have it all.

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I’d like to see a dove stuffed into a pidgon into a duck into a chicken and into a turkey.

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@ARE_you A deer stuffed into an elk, stuffed into a bull moose.
Delkoose. Haha

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