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What is the longest you've owned a pet and what were they like?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46938points) August 2nd, 2019

We had Dakota, our German Shepherd, for 13 years. She was a year or two old when we got her so she was pushing the average age limit for her breed.
We had Dutchess for 12 years. She died too young, from throat cancer.
I had a cat, Smoky, for about 15 years. Before that I had another cat, Chigger, for about 15 years.
Before THAT I had a Cocker Spaniel mix, Snuffy, for 16 years.
They were all good animals and part of the family. Whenever a kid got timeout, Snuffy would go sit with them in the time out spot and stare at me accusingly!
None of the dogs ever once bit any one, or even snapped at anyone.

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I have a 21 yr old cockatiel and my oldest dog was 15 when we put him down, cancer.

My cockatiel is old, cranky and wants to be left alone with my other bird, usually. He only gets excited for treats, everything else annoys him.

My old boy, Fleetwood Mac/ FleeFly, was the best dog ever. Always loved to go with us everywhere, loved everyone and all animals, loved water-we had a great life with him.

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My Snuffy was 9 years old before she realized she LOVED water!

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My kitty Pretty Kitty lived to be 22. She could be a bit “feisty” but she was also a cuddler.

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The cat we have now was dropped on our back deck when she was about 5 weeks old by her feral mother. This was in 2015. She seems to have feral in her genes because it just took forever to gain her trust. It’s only been in the last year or so that she’ll lay on my lap when we watch TV in the evenings. I don’t think she’ll ever be a cuddler.

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I had a dog, a mongrel, that lived seventeen years.

I loved that dog, but I never bonded with him as much as I did my later dogs, which lived 10–13 years. Most of the cats I’ve had lived about the same lifespans.

Every dog I’ve had died with pancrea disorders, every cat with kidney problems.

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The neighbour’s cat decided to hang out in my room when she was pregnant.
Did not even have a name, they just called her “cat”.

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I have a neighborhood cat that likes hanging around. I call him Max.

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I have a neighbourhood dog named Max that likes hanging around my bedroom when he is pregnant. I call her Cat.

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I had a Basset Hound for 11-years. Dumb but lovable.

Going on 10-years with a Maltese. Smart but lovable.

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